Ground source heat pump heating and air conditioning triple hot water supply technology analysis

2007 is known as energy-saving emission reduction years. As the result of energy saving in 2006 is not optimistic, China has not achieved the goal of reducing energy consumption per unit of GDP by about 4% and reducing the total discharge of major pollutants by 2%. As a result, a new round of "energy saving Emission reduction "storm. At the end of the year, the Central Economic Work Conference made it clear that ensuring major progress in energy conservation and emission reduction is one of the major tasks in economic work in 2008. Experts point out that in urban construction, "saving energy and reducing consumption" should start with building energy conservation and should vigorously promote scientific use of energy in the field of building energy consumption. Surface soils and bodies of water are huge solar collectors that collect 47% of the solar radiation energy, more than 500 times the annual use of mankind (subsurface water is indirectly exposed to solar radiation through the soil); it is another Huge dynamic energy balance system, the surface of the soil and water to maintain the natural energy to accept and the relative balance of divergence. Ground source heat pump is a use of the Earth's solar energy resources stored as a source of cold and heat, energy conversion heating and cooling air conditioning system, ground source heat pump using a clean renewable energy technology. The success of ground-source heat pump technology makes it possible to utilize near-infinite solar energy or ground stored in it. In the past decade or so, especially in the past five years, the ground source heat pump air conditioning system has achieved rapid development in North America such as the United States, Canada, Central and Northern Europe such as Switzerland and Sweden, and the ground source heat pump market in China has also become increasingly active. It is expected that this technology will be the most effective heating and cooling air-conditioning technology in the 21st century. Chapter 1: Technical Description concept Ground source heat pump technology is a use of underground shallow geothermal resources (also known as ground energy, including soil, groundwater, surface water, river water, sea water, lakes, etc.), while building heating, cooling and domestic hot water triple Energy efficient air conditioning technology. Ground source heat pump through the input of a small amount of high-grade energy (such as electricity), ground source can be used as a heat pump in summer cooling cooling source, heating and heating in winter low-temperature heat source. That is to say, in winter, the heat in the ground energy is taken out to raise the temperature and then supplied to the room for heating. In summer, the indoor heat is taken out and released to the ground. Technical principle A, ground source heat pump refrigeration and air conditioning: the condenser to ground source for the cooling source, the output in the evaporator of low temperature chilled water used in building air conditioning or production process of low temperature cooling water. B, ground source heat pump heating, heating: ground source heat pump for building heating or heating, the heat required from the condenser, the ground source as a low temperature heat source into the evaporator. C, ground source heat pump cooling, heating: air conditioning season in summer, the need for cooling at the same time need to provide domestic hot water, ground source heat pump will be able to provide the required air conditioning and heat required for hot water. Technical indicators Ground source (soil, groundwater) Temperature: 11 ~ 30 ℃ Refrigeration temperature: 7 ~ 9 ℃ Heating temperature:> 55 ℃ (heating),> 50 ℃ (hot water) Cooling, heating efficiency:> 4.2 Technical advantages Energy-efficient ground-source heat pump unit using soil or water temperature in winter is 12-22 ℃, the temperature is higher than the ambient air temperature, the heat pump cycle evaporation temperature increases, the energy efficiency ratio also increased; The temperature of soil or water body is 18-32 ℃ in summer, the temperature is lower than the ambient air temperature, and the condensing temperature of the refrigeration system is reduced, making the cooling effect better than the air-cooled and cooling towers. The efficiency of the unit is greatly improved, which can save 30-40% of the supply Operating costs of hot and cold air conditioning, 1 kilowatts of electricity can be more than 4 kilowatts of heat or more than 5 kilowatts cold. Eco-friendly ground source heat pump unit operation, no water does not pollute the water, do not need the boiler, does not require cooling towers, do not need to piling up fuel waste sites, significant environmental benefits. A multi-purpose machine, widely used source heat pump system can be heating, air conditioning and cooling, but also to provide hot water, a multi-purpose machine, a system can replace the original boiler plus air-conditioning two sets of devices or systems, especially for both Buildings with heat and cooling requirements, ground-source heat pumps, have obvious advantages. With a set of equipment to meet the heating, cooling, domestic water requirements, reducing the initial investment of equipment. Ground source heat pump can be applied to hotels, residential areas, apartments, factories, shopping malls, office buildings, schools and other buildings, small ground source heat pump more suitable for residential heating, air conditioning. Automatic operation of ground source heat pump unit due to stable conditions, can be designed as a simple system, fewer components, units and reliable operation, low maintenance costs, a high degree of automatic control, long service life. market expectation North Market: Heating, hot water market, taking into account air-conditioning. These markets can be from north to northeast to three provinces in Northeast China, suitable for residential and office buildings. Yangtze River Basin Market: heating, air conditioning, hot water for the triple market, these markets are mainly concentrated in the Yangtze River valley from Beijing to the hot summer and cold winter, especially suitable for hotels and luxury apartments and some other places. South Market: air conditioning, hot water for the market, taking into account the heating. Such markets are mainly concentrated in the hot summer and warm winter in southern China. Chapter 2: Technology PK Taiwan PK1: ground source heat pump VS other heating methods Choose different heating methods, energy consumption is very different. By comparison, ground-source heat pumps are the most energy-efficient of all heating methods. Compared with the boiler (electricity, fuel) heating system, the boiler heating only 90% of the energy or 70 ~ 90% of the fuel can be heat for the user, so the ground source heat pump than the electric boiler heating save More than two-thirds of the energy, compared with the fuel boiler to save about one-half of the energy; due to ground source heat pump heat source temperature is relatively stable throughout the year, usually 10 ~ 25 ℃, the cooling, heating coefficient up to 3.5 ~ 4.4 , Compared with the traditional air source heat pump, to about 40% higher, the operating costs for the ordinary central air-conditioning 50 to 60%. PK2: Economic Analysis Initial Investment Comparison: The initial investment of the unit is about 20% higher than that of the chiller unit; the cost of drilling well is increased; no cooling tower and cooling water system; no boiler and boiler room; no network fee (gas, urban heat network) Security fee. Operating costs more than 20% of the cost savings in summer cooling; the summer heat recovery, free health hot water supply; winter heating, the operating costs equivalent to about 50% of gas, oil-fired boiler; annual operating costs savings of 40% about. Chapter 3: Case Talk 锫. ? 5 years dedicated to technology promotion and popularization Located in Changping, Beijing, Dalong Electrical Engineering Co., Ltd. is a modern high-tech enterprise dedicated to the development, design, manufacture and sales, installation and technical service of commercial and residential ground source heat pump (HVAC) central air conditioners. enterprise. As a modern high-tech enterprise, Beijing Dalong Electrical Engineering Co., Ltd. earlier established a professional R & D institutions in China, the ground source heat pump (water source heat pump) central air conditioning system in commercial and civil construction applications, and product development, design , Manufacturing sales, engineering and installation and technical services in one. In its second year since its founding in 1992, Dalong signed a contract for the U.S. McDonald's to undertake the installation and maintenance of its air conditioning projects at all its restaurants in Beijing. The business also expanded to McDonald's Shanxi, Hebei, Inner Mongolia, Tianjin and other places of the chain restaurants. Dalong provides McDonald's restaurants with long-term air-conditioning system installation, maintenance and care services. Since its establishment, the company's water source / ground source heat pump system has been widely promoted and utilized by McDonald's in North China, serving a total of more than 130 McDonald's restaurants. Dalong company is the earliest established professional R & D institutions, the ground source heat pump (water source heat pump) central air conditioning system in commercial and civil construction of the application of research companies. In 1998, Dalong began to cooperate with well-known foreign manufacturers of central air-conditioners, air-conditioner products of foreign multinationals and promotion in the Chinese market, as well as manufacture of central air conditioning products for some well-known foreign enterprises. Through its long-term cooperation with YORK, McQuay and CIAT, Dalong has been engaged in the manufacturing, installation and installation of central air-conditioning products for ground source heat pump (water source heat pump) Technology has reached the international advanced level. "Dalong" brand ground source heat pump (water source heat pump) central air conditioning has eight series, more than 300 kinds of products, basically meet the different needs of domestic users, creating a comfortable living, working and leisure environment for users. In Beijing and its surrounding areas, nearly 800,000 square meters of commercial and residential buildings use "Dalong" series of ground source heat pump (water source heat pump) central air conditioning products. In line with the concept of sustainable development of science and technology innovation, high efficiency and energy conservation, and environmental protection and sanitation, the company has completed the installation and maintenance of central air-conditioning systems for typical projects such as the National Library of China, China Netcom Long Story Satellite Bureau and Haidian Book City. And by the Central and local government leaders, business leaders highly recognized. Taking the China Netcom Beijing Longyan Satellite Station Domestic Earth Station as an example, the project covers an area of ​​24,000 square meters. Before using the ground source heat pump system, it uses an air-conditioning system in summer and a boiler system in winter. The two systems are independent of each other and consume Can be high, running and maintenance costs. After the implementation of the project, winter heating and cooling in summer will be completed at the same time, realizing the multi-use of one machine and saving over 40% of annual running costs. To implement the ground source heat pump (water source heat pump) central air conditioning technology in the domestic promotion and popularization, Dalong has completed a number of small and medium commercial and civil buildings air conditioning installation engineering and technical services. Including Haidian Sheung Chuang Hospital and power supply, Shandong Zibo Special Gas Factory more than 20 enterprises and institutions, as well as Beijing really Shun Villa, Beijing Mingdu Park, more than 200 sets of civilian villas. Dalong company passed the ISO9001 quality system certification, and won the "national trustworthy product quality", "national quality service consumer satisfaction enterprises" and other honors, for the enterprise product quality and service level to establish a stable system of assurance and establish a good Social image. Creating a comfortable living environment, saving money for customers, safeguarding the environment for future generations and saving energy for the country are the relentless pursuit of the people in Dalin. The general manager of Bo said: "We will, as always, adhere to the high-tech, high-quality, high standards, low cost, low energy consumption, zero pollution, the concept of enterprise development, based on scientific management mode, based on advanced technology standards , Backed by a solid human resources, with satisfactory engineering examples for the confidence, and constantly strengthen brand awareness, improve product mix and improve service levels, in order to achieve mutually beneficial win-win cooperation with partners and continuously meet customer needs.