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The so-called 4D printing technology, which is self-assembling Self Assembly, its concept is to see the protein, will join the composition of the chemical reaction, apply it in the field of architecture and furniture, so that people save the trouble of hands-on installation, but this division The method of the natural world in France can actually be called bionic design. Scientists in Germany have developed bionic building materials that can be adjusted with temperature, allowing buildings to regulate and control themselves, and the leaves on the walls can be opened and closed to adjust the indoor temperature and humidity. And such buildings are called bionic buildings.

The exterior of a building is like a flower in full bloom, open or closed on its own, as if it had its own life. Flectofin, a bionic building material mainly composed of glass fibers, conceived the response of pollen pollination mechanism from bird of paradise flowers. In general, the flowers are straight, and the pollen inside is protected. When the birds are close, the petals are curled. Allow birds to enter pollen collection. We can see that here is a hard backbone and a soft blade, and when you bend the backbone, the blade will swing to the side.

The University of Stuttgart, Germany, developed a model of the Flectofin bionic building material power system last year. As the temperature rises, it pulls down the lever and opens the surface of the blade. Conversely, the surface is closed. 2012 Korea Yeosu Expo, Vienna SOMA architectural team building The use of Flectofin building materials. The concept of bionic building, in fact, is similar to 4D printing, which is the concept of Self-Assembly. This type of design that applies natural biological phenomena to design and technology is considered as "Design Bionics". In the field of bionics science and technology, what happens in the field is that people start to remember organisms, other organisms, and other organisms in nature are doing things that are very similar to our needs, but in fact, the methods they use can make them Elegance lives on the earth. ”

The biomiologist Janine Benyus, who has promoted bionic design at TED, has the core idea that when we are trying to solve a problem, we might as well ask what nature would do. The concept of “green design” is rampant. The application of “bionic design” in furniture and building materials is very popular. Flectofin allows buildings to determine whether they want to open or close walls to adjust the temperature and humidity. “Bionic construction” is actually To learn from the universe, there are already thousands of years of biological law.

Ozone Removal Filter


Ozone is widely used in many fields, such as industrial water. Industrial water treatment, flue gas desulphurization,Flue gas denitrification exhaust contain large amount of ozone;medicine and health, food and beverage industry sterilization,printers, copiers, UV lamp working spread a lot of ozone. Ozone`Harm for health

1)It strongly stimulate the respiratory tract,cause sore throat, chest tightness, cough, bronchitis and emphysema.

2)Ozone can cause human neurotoxicity, dizziness, headache, decreased visual acuity, memory loss.

3)Ozone is harmful to human skin damaging effects of vitamin E plays.cause human skin wrinkling, dark spots

4)Ozone will also damage the body's immune function, induce chromosome disease, accelerated aging, resulting in pregnant women born deformed children

5)Ozone and organic waste heat generated copier toner is a potent carcinogen which will Lead to various types of cancer and cardiovascular disease

Our independent research and development of the Ozone Removal filter material through co-precipitation, molding, drying, roasting, and by physico-chemical treatment, pore size distribution and load optimization of nano materials catalytic activation,can efficiently catalyze the decomposition of ozone,particle surface is smooth, free from dust,Used for industrial large-scale ozone purifier


· Strong decomposition ability :In normal temperature Ozone decomposition capacity

can reach 50g/g

· Good moisture-proof function:Can be used for long time under the humidity RH≥ 90%

,no need drier protection,Intake of water vapor can promote catalytic decomposition

reaction of ozone.

· Strong combination adsorption: Catalyst support is high surface area material,Can

also effectively adsorb organic pollutants

· Good cost performance,With good performance, the price is just half of local similar


· High structural strength, good water resistance, no mud phenomenon

Can operate at high space velocity conditions

Environmentally friendly

Targeted Pollutant

· Ozone

Application place

· Central air conditioning system electrostatic precipitator

· Electrostatic precipitator air cleaner

· Xerox

· Laser Printers

· Ambient air monitoring equipment

· Ozone disinfection of food preservation

· Medical ozone air disinfection


Ozone Removal Filter

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