Great Wall First Pass and Car Rental in Jiayuguan

I believe many of my friends have visited the Great Wall in different scenic spots. Can you board the starting point of the Great Wall? During this holiday season, Car Rental in Shenzhou will take you to the starting point of the Great Wall of China at the western end of the Great Wall.

Jiayuguan was the first priority of the western end of the Great Wall of Ming Dynasty, and it was also a key traffic point of the ancient Silk Road. After 168 years of construction, Jiayuguan became the most spectacular Guancheng along the Great Wall of China. On the top of the Jiahe Mountain, the city walls of the Chengguan wing cross the desert and the Gobi, 8 km north, even the Great Wall of Montenegro, and 7 km south, the first pier in the world. It is the western end of the modern Great Wall and has been known since ancient times. "The first pass of Hexi."

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Jiayuguan is composed of three lines of defense: Inner City, Outer City and City Wall. They are closely guarded against each other and are closely guarded against the Great Wall. They form a five-mile, one-hole, ten-mile, one-mile, one-mile, one-mile military defense system. system. The tower is large in scale and magnificent in appearance. It is a witness to the dispute and integration between the mainland and the Western Regions, the Central Plains and the desert, and is tragic and splendid. The entire city is trapezoidal. The east and west gates are opened. The tower is symmetrical. The three-storey building is surrounded by a gallery. There are turrets in the city's four corners. There are enemy buildings in the middle of the north and south walls. There are two horses on the north side of the Daodao City and one in the middle of the city. Guan Jing, the west city bulges out, the middle opens the door, the gate engraves the three characters of “Jiayu Pass”. The original city tower of Guancheng is the same as the two-storey east-west building, and the third floor is the first line. When the customs passed the establishment of the customs in the same year, the craftsmen calculated that the materials used were very accurate and only one brick was left after the completion of the work. This brick is still present in the Xiecheng Gatehouse after the collapse. There is a stele at 1 mile outside the west gate, with the words “Tianxia Xiongguan” engraved on the top; Wenchang Pavilion, Guandi Temple, and opera house outside the Dongxu city. There is a guerrilla yamen gate house in the north of the city. Both were built in the Qing Dynasty.

The first pier of Jiayuguan's famous scenic spot is the first pier starting point at the western end of the Ming Dynasty Great Wall. It is located 7 kilometers south of Guancheng and faces the Qilian Snow Peak across the river. The first pier was built in Jiajing for 18 years. The original station was 14 meters long, wide, and high. It was a square pyramid, and later some of the bank walls collapsed. Only the existing pedestal was erected against the wall, which was extremely dangerous. In order to protect this precious historical relic, the city government successively built the antique wall of the Great Wall, which is more than 30 meters north of the first pier, and set guardrails on the first pier to enclose it. Here, visitors can rely on the vast ancient civilization to appreciate the vastness of the Gobi and the strange scenery of the desert.

When you drive by Jiayuguan, you must go and see the famous Qilian Mountain for a long time. Qilian Mountain is a spectacular landform with abundant forest resources. It is one of the large-scale forest areas in Qinghai Province. The specialty of the mountain is snow lotus, silkworm serigraphy, and snow-capped mountain grass. It is also known as the “three friends of the cold” on the snow line of Qilian Mountain. The four seasons of Qilian Mountains have never been distinct. Spring is not like spring, and summer is not like summer. The so-called "Snow and Snow in June" is a portrayal of the climate and natural landscape of Qilian Mountains. The scenic spot of Qilianshan's virgin forest is fascinating. After the beginning of summer, there is an endless green sea in the mountains. There are forests of spruce, sabina, poplar and shrubs such as whip, black thorn, and willow. In addition, there are still many wandering deer or running leaps and bounds among the snow-capped mountains in the mountains.

Jiayuguan's diet can be described as a blend of flavors. Here, you can taste the flavors of various places. Of course, the most attractive ones are the local squid noodles, ramen noodles, kizi noodles, art noodles, glutinous rice noodles and other famous snacks. There are many restaurants in Jiayuguan, and they all have good dishes. Local flavors such as snow-capped mountains camel palms, gobi yan yan, yellow mutton mutton, Xiongguan crisp, camel hooves, oil humps, flame roast mutton leg, etc. I believe that just by looking at these names, you have opened up your appetite. Eager to try it.

Follow Jiazhouguan Car Rental, follow the ancient Silk Road, see the majestic and magnificent Great Wall, sigh everywhere cultural relics, listen to voluminous ancient literature, and enjoy the mystery of strange mountains and waters. You will be surprised to discover that this is a journey The ancient path of the vicissitudes of life is still radiant and shining.

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