General Electric distributed energy equipment localization and then upgrade

"Under the background of emerging urbanization, there is a huge demand for energy in China in the future, and in particular, the development and utilization of distributed energy sources will become an important trend in the energy field and its advantage lies in its ability to be distributed to clients and to provide thermoelectric cooling Therefore, distributed energy is an important energy development direction for China's urbanization and low-carbon environmental protection. On June 7, during the 2nd China-US Climate Smart / Low Carbon City Summit, Yang Dan, President of GE China's Power Generation Division, told China Electric Power News in an interview.

It is reported that, in order to lay out the distributed energy in China and promote the development of distributed energy, GE and Huadian Power International signed the relevant distributed energy projects during the summit. The contracts include the purchase of 6 Huadian General Light Turbine Equipment Co., Ltd. LM6000PFSPRINT aircraft modified by Huadian International Corporation.

Distributed natural gas projects bloom everywhere

The purchase of light gas turbine equipment will be mainly used in Sanshui City, Guangdong Province Industrial Park and the western part of Shunde City Ecological Park, the two parks to provide clean and efficient supply of hot and cold energy .This is the first time GELM6000PF avionics aircraft Made in China. "Yang Dan said.

According to reports, the project put into operation, the whole plant thermal efficiency as high as 80% or more, the unit operating reliability rate of 99% or more. Each LM6000 reduces CO2 emissions by 280,000 tons. The installed capacity of the two cities was 180,000 kilowatts respectively, and commercial operation is expected to be realized in the third quarter of next year.

Commenting on the significance of the signing, Yang Dan said: "This project can be described as a precedent of the manufacture of distributed energy equipment manufactured by China Huadian General Light Turbine Equipment Co., Ltd., a joint venture between GE and Huadian Corporation The joint venture company can produce 20,000 to 50,000 kilowatts of light gas turbine equipment, while exploring the best mode of operation of distributed energy in China.Not only that, but also in China to develop a distributed energy and light gas turbine manufacturing, Design, service personnel. "

In fact, in recent years, projects such as industrial parks that are efficiently powered by distributed energy systems are now taking place in China. Especially with the accelerating pace of urbanization in China, the construction of urban pipe network is maturing and the number of coal-to-gas projects is gradually increasing. Data centers, chemical projects need to establish a distributed energy sources in order to achieve energy-saving emission reduction requirements.

In coal chemical industry, for example, in May this year, GE Power Generation Group signed an agreement with Hebei Huafeng Coal-fired Power Co., Ltd. to provide two LM2500 + modified gas turbines for the project. The unit used to replace the original coke oven gas boiler, replaced by the combined cycle with the steam turbine power generation, the overall power generation efficiency reached 42%, up nearly 15 percentage points higher than the original. At the same time, the emission reduction effect is significant, reducing nitrogen oxide emissions nearly 6 times.

In fact, the above project is no longer a case. As early as a few years ago, GE provided light-duty gas turbine equipment to Jiangsu Tianyu Chemical Energy & Chemical Group Co., Ltd. and Henan Liyuan Group, helping them to "turn waste coke oven gas into valuable".

"Two Fusion" layout of distributed energy market

"GE is accelerating the localization of distributed energy equipment because of the huge demand in the distributed energy market in China.Firstly, the urbanization will bring more power points and pipe networks, which will provide the conditions for the construction of distributed energy.Secondly, in terms of energy conservation and emission reduction, At present, many cities are undergoing 'coal to gas' construction and natural gas generation has become a clean and efficient option in a more relaxed natural gas supply environment.Again, the construction of many urban data centers requires a strong power point as a support. Yang Dan optimistic about the development of China's distributed energy market from the above three aspects.

So, GE in the future of China's distributed energy market will have what kind of layout? Yang Dan also gives the answer. She said GE will accelerate the localization and digitization of distributed energy equipment. First, continue to pay attention to the coal to gas project, Beijing's four gas-fired heating center, has played an exemplary role, at present, Tianjin, Shandong, Jiangsu and other places are in sync to keep up. From the regional point of view, the future layout will be mainly concentrated in Beijing, Tianjin, the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta and Southwest China. Distributed generation in these areas can significantly improve energy efficiency by more than 80%, much higher than China's current energy efficiency. Compared with the traditional coal-fired power generation, the use of natural gas as a clean energy source can reduce environmental pollution.

The second is the need for reliable power end-users, such as large data centers, hospitals, airports and so on. Independent power supply to ensure that power supply, and GE Aviation Gas turbine from start up to full load only 10 minutes, this flexible start-stop power generation equipment is also one of the city peak shaving. In addition, in remote areas such as mountainous areas and isolated islands, distributed energy systems can utilize other gas sources such as biomass gas and biogas to ensure normal and efficient power supply in areas not covered by the basic grid.

Not only that, but GE also combines distributed energy projects with its advanced industrial internet concept to digitize. The distributed power point interconnection and interconnection, through all aspects of energy equipment data collection in the GEPredix platform, so that real-time dynamic tracking, automatic adjustment, and ultimately achieve with the large power grid and with the user usage matching.