Garbage truck engine maintenance

The importance of the engine to the car is self-evident, and it is also very important for garbage trucks. Many owners think that the maintenance of garbage truck engines is not very important, but the idea has been imperceptibly affecting the use of garbage truck engines. Correct maintenance of the engine can make the garbage truck more comfortable and extend the life of the garbage truck.

The most common problem with garbage truck engines is that the tank is rusty and has sediment. In fact, as long as you pay attention to the choice of tank coolant can avoid this problem, but many owners of garbage trucks do not pay much attention to this issue, the ordinary tap water into the. Cool Xiao Bian feels that it is also necessary to use good antifreeze. Good antifreeze has a low freezing point. Various additives can also effectively prevent precipitation.

The most common malfunctions of garbage truck engines, such as piston pulling, knocking, internal leakage of cylinder punches, serious noise generated, and deceleration of acceleration power, are all due to the abnormal operating temperature of garbage truck engine, excessive pressure, and cooling system. Caused by the crash. The poor condition of the cooling system will directly lead to the engine not working at normal temperature. The above problem is caused by this reason. Putting water out of the tank, adding antifreeze and water is the way to maintain the cooling system.

The air filter element and the intake duct form the engine's air intake system. The difference in service conditions determines the difference in maintenance methods. To regularly clean the air filter element, the air filter replacement frequency should be cleaned three times, and the air quality of the city in question determines the frequency of cleaning. Xiao Bian recommended the majority of garbage truck drivers to use the original garbage truck manufacturer's air filter.

For the maintenance of the engine Many maintenance technicians indicated that in the garbage trucks they had repaired, the fault caused by poor maintenance of the engine accounted for 50% of the total faults. This shows that it is the use and maintenance of the engine that plays a crucial role in the service life of the vehicle. The maintenance of the engine not only during the regular maintenance period, but also when driving through some particularly wet or dusty areas, should also pay attention to check the use of the engine.

The above is a brief introduction of Xiao Bian’s engine maintenance on garbage trucks. (Wen/Jun Xun)

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