Fuzhou Mawei District Yi'anju Community Project

Project Name: Yi’anju Community Project in Mawei District, Fuzhou City (2011-2012, 239 million)
Region: Fujian Progress: Construction Design and Construction Period: 2011-2012 Major equipment: cranes, fire-fighting facilities, security facilities, water supply and drainage facilities, electrical facilities, ventilation facilities, and lighting facilities.
Project Profile: The project is located in the north of Qingzhou Road, Mawei District, Fuzhou City, east of the railway, within the red line delineated by the planning department of Mawei District, the scale of the project construction, the land area is about 23082.4 square meters, and the total construction area is about 68012 square meters, among which the above-ground construction The area is approximately 60012 square meters and the underground construction area is approximately 8000 square meters. The total investment of the project is 239 million yuan.

Construction Unit: Fuzhou Development Zone State-owned Assets Operation Co., Ltd. Postal address: No. 172, Junzhu Road, Mawei, Fuzhou Post code: 350015
Contact: Lin Gong Tel.

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