Full-scale industrial chain operation of steel industry for the whole year

Steel mills face difficulties in operation, and it is more difficult for traders and downstream operations. In 2013, the steel trade industry was tight with funds, and the debt ratio of the industry went up. Interests such as loans and pallets severely eroded the profitability of the steel trade industry, and the whole industry chain of the steel industry was profitable for the year. Operating.

The decision of the Third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee strengthened people's confidence, but the downstream demand was still sluggish, and it also caused the steel market price to rebound slightly and then faced the pressure of consolidation again. This situation will be normalized. The same applies to the coated plate market. Currently, the price of 0.3mm color coated plates is 5,200 yuan/ton to 5,300 yuan/ton. Under this circumstance, the author believes that maintaining a reasonable inventory, improving the service level of customers, and grasping the export opportunities are good measures to cope with this situation.

At present, the general trend of the steel market is slight fluctuations. The price trend of the coating industry using hot-rolled coils as raw materials can only be attached to the general trend of the steel market, and excessive emphasis must not be placed on the relationship between supply and demand and indulging in excessively competitive price declines. This will not only lose market price momentum and support the prices of coated plates, but it will also be difficult to prevent the industry from falling into a loss trap. Moreover, merely reducing prices will not increase overall shipments. This normalized market situation not only tests the patience of businesses, but also tests the company’s products and market services. Businesses should be free from the thought that the market price will either rise or fall. In the general trend of small fluctuations in prices, reasonable stocks will always be maintained. When faced with a price correction, this can reduce the pressure on the business market and effectively prevent the price from falling deeply; when it is favorable, the low inventory also enables businesses to grasp the opportunity.

Although the coating industry has already had excess capacity, the growth of the modern construction industry, steel structure and the demand for professional building materials have increased the output of coated products in China in recent years, which is still higher than that of crude steel production. This brings a lot of pressure on the market. In this situation, if you have the brand advantage of the industry chain, you can reduce the pressure of excessive market competition. Now, manufacturers, traders and downstream customers are not the original simple trading relationship, but the strategic division of labor and allies in the industry chain. The product quality and service brand also belongs not only to steel mills and traders, but the advantages of the downstream construction companies are not only their own, but they are based on strategic cooperation and division of labor. They create the overall service advantages of the industry chain, create brands, and share. Brand.

In addition, export opportunities should be grasped. In recent years, the export trend of coated products in China is still at a high level compared with the trend of steel exports. Although the export volume of steel products and coated products have declined in the past two months, there is still a good demand for coated products in the international market and the international construction market. This is directly related to the rapid development of infrastructure construction and urban construction, and the rapid growth of new building structures and construction materials. Due to the weak foundation of the iron and steel industry in developing countries and the lack of modern hot-rolled coil industry, China's coated products will still have better export opportunities in the next few years.

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