Fujitsu Wandant Pedometer Prepare for Dogs

Since Fujitsu has created a pedometer and activity tracking service for dogs. Forget the pedometer, where can I get this cute dog? Some leftovers on the table, some extra treats, are not dog food at all and can easily care for your pet. Soon after, the dog has become a heavy hound. Fujitsu is seeking to help dog owners build a pedometer, fat and cloud service system.

Based on motion tracking technology, Fujitsu Laboratories, Wandant pedometer. It measures and records your dog, takes steps, picks up trembling movements, and monitors temperature changes. All of this data is uploaded to subsequent cloud services so you can view charts and reports of your dog's activities.
Wandant acts as a dog's collar. Data is uploaded via contactless connection to a smartphone or computer. For a more comprehensive understanding of dog health, owners can add information such as weight, eating weight, and stool conditions. A pedometer is a small dog that creates a more complex system for humans. Wandant has taken into account four legs and very different foot lengths. A three-way accelerometer helps to figure out what's going on with the dog frolicking in the yard.
It is suitable for dogs that are at least 6 months old and have legs that are at least 6 inches long. The price has not yet been announced, but the one-year cloud service includes every pedometer. After that, Fujitsu expects to charge about $5 per month for visits. Wandant service is only available in Japan now. I know that Japan has a lovely animal monopoly market, but I don't know there is a problem with fat pets. Obese animals are a serious problem in the United States. Here, perhaps, Fujitsu will focus on expanding its services quickly.

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