Fujian expands development of intelligent manufacturing industry

Two smart robots waved the print nozzles and rhythmically sprayed the shoe-type lines on the upper material on the conveyor belt. Each pattern on the upper was neat and tidy. On July 31, at the Special Footwear Company in Quanzhou, Fujian, staff member Huang Xuxi told reporters: “This process used to require 4 workers to operate. The material cost is high, and the work is dirty and tired. Now with a robot, a spray time A 1.2 second reduction in product quality is also more stable."

Xtep Footwear's "machine au pair" is the epitome of the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries in Fujian. In recent years, various levels of government departments in Fujian have vigorously promoted industrial transformation and upgrading, and smart manufacturing is making great strides toward industrialization, high-end, and large-scale development. According to the person in charge of the Fujian Economic and Credit Commission, the province's smart equipment manufacturing industry has an output value of nearly 60 billion yuan, and the industrial software industry's operating revenue is nearly 40 billion yuan. In some areas, products have formed certain characteristics and advantages.

Promoting pilot demonstrations and improving the level of enterprise intelligence is an important starting point for implementing the smart manufacturing strategy in Fujian Province. As early as 2013, the Chinese Academy of Engineering used Quanzhou as the first local pilot for “Made in China 2025” to assist in the preparation of the development outline of “Quanzhou Manufacturing 2025”, drawing on the three major issues of intelligent manufacturing, quality and brand enhancement, and service-oriented manufacturing. Transformation road map. In accordance with this goal, Quanzhou took the lead in launching the “CNC Generation” mechanical product application demonstration project in the province. Nearly 1,000 Quanzhou manufacturing companies have applied more than 1,400 domestically-manufactured CNC systems to build dozens of footwear, plumbing fixtures, and auto parts. Automated production lines help companies reduce labor by 20% to 30% and reduce equipment costs by 30% to 50%. At the same time, under the stimulation of large-scale marketization, Quanzhou’s local smart equipment manufacturing companies have also developed “blowout”, and a group of “small technology giants” specializing in smart equipment production and R&D have emerged. At the Jiatai Group workshop in Luojiang District, Quanzhou, Su Yashuai, Chairman of the Group, pointed to more than 500 CNC machine tools just off the assembly line and told reporters: “This year, the smart equipment market is extremely hot, and the group’s planned production value at the beginning of the year is RMB 500 million. It is expected to double."

The high R&D cost of private enterprises and the difficulty of scientific and technological breakthroughs are common problems encountered by many private enterprises in the development of intelligent manufacturing processes. The Fujian Provincial Government allocated special funds to support enterprises in enhancing their R&D and innovation capabilities. Quanzhou has introduced domestic top industrial robot research institutes and built the first “CNC-Generation Technology Innovation Center”. This year, it will also establish a 300-500 million yuan CNC digital industrial investment fund to promote the use of 1,000 robots. 1,000 sets of 3C drilling and attack centers and 1,000 sets of numerical control equipment have further increased support for smart manufacturing in terms of capital and market cultivation. Zheng Xincong, secretary of the Quanzhou Municipal Committee, stated that Quanzhou will guide all kinds of innovation elements to the company, and provide comprehensive support for the transformation, upgrading and upgrading of the manufacturing industry through comprehensive advancement of the CNC First Generation Demonstration Project and the Quanzhou Manufacturing 2025 Initiative.

In response to the problem of the small-scale smart equipment industry, weaker leading enterprises, and low level of technological innovation, Fujian Province has adopted four measures to promote the development of the smart manufacturing industry: first, to introduce and cultivate leading enterprises in the industry; second, to promote professional intelligence equipment The park construction; third is to increase the support of intelligent manufacturing R & D and innovation platform, enhance research and innovation capabilities; fourth is to support smart manufacturing standards and brand building. Governments at all levels will provide necessary support and support from capital, land, and talent.

On July 20, the Fujian Provincial Party Committee and Provincial People's Government again promulgated the “Several Opinions on Further Accelerating Industrial Transformation and Upgrading” and “Fujian Province implemented the “Made in China 2025” Action Plan”, and relevant persons in charge of the Fujian Provincial Development and Reform Commission stated that these Policy measures will take the development of intelligent equipment manufacturing as the main content and breakthrough point in promoting the transformation and upgrading, and will become an important starting point and focal point for steady growth and structural adjustment in Fujian Province.

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