Foton Veyron Sprinkler

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basic introduction
Futian Veyron sprinkler trucks are equipped with complete greening sprinkler systems such as front flush, rear sprinkler and side spray (also known as shower, etc.). The rear platform of the sprinkler truck is equipped with a high pressure water gun, which can be sized or adjusted to fog. Shape, columnar, drizzle and other forms! The water pump adopts the Hangzhou Veyron sprinkler pump which ranks first in the nation.
Suitable for watering, greening, dust suppression, temporary firefighting, drought relief services, etc., especially in the suburban areas such as construction sites, which are mainly used for decontamination, dust reduction, and removal of stagnant water, etc. Foton's Veyron Sprinklers, this vehicle has truly achieved economical features!

Vehicle configuration
First, the engine: the main Xican (41004DX23-110E3F)

Changsha Futian Small Sprinkler

Second, the brake method: oil brake / steam brake
Third, the cab: Futian 1695 standard body (Beijing Weilong logo)
Fourth, gearbox: 5-25 (Lingong / Wanli Yang)
Fifth, the rear axle: 1059C double loop
Six, tire specifications: 650-16
Seventh, beam: 190 through full riveting
Eight, tank: can do standard 5 cubic meters, general load is 3 to 5 tons

Announcement parameters
Product Name: Foton Weilong Sprinkler
Total weight (Kg): 7830
Dimensions (mm): 6100/1880/2450
Rated mass (Kg): 4480
Tank size (mm): 3300×1600×1200
Service quality (Kg): 3220 Approach/departure angle (° ): 25/13
Emission Standards: National/European Standards
The maximum speed (km/h): 80 Others: The effective volume of the tank is 4.7 cubic meters, and the loading water is 4.1 tons. Chassis model: BJ1082V4JBB-E1 Fuel type: Diesel wheelbase: 3360 Axial load: 2220/3275
Tire specifications: 6.50-16

First, water absorption
1, as close to the operating point, parking.
2. Open the side door of the platform box and take out the water-absorbing rubber hose so that it will swing back without bending.
3. Pull the water-absorbing rubber hose into the water as deep as possible to ensure that the pipe end is always 300mm below the liquid surface during the operation.
4. Push the four-way valve handle vertically to the ground.
5, add water diversion
6. Put the transmission into neutral gear, start the engine, and disengage the clutch. Pull the power take-off switch backwards to pull the file and take the power. The sprinkling pump starts to run.
7. Pull the water-absorbing hose away from the water or close the four-way valve quickly after pumping.
8, put away the hose, put it back into the platform box, close the side door.
Second, spraying operations
1. Pull the rear handle of the four-way valve to parallel with the ground, open the ball valve you want to spray (front punch, back spray, side spray, shower), then start the engine, put the transmission into the gear, and turn the power take off switch. Pull back and pull the gear, then disconnect the clutch, start the sprinkler and start spraying.
2. After the water in the tank has been sprinkled, promptly push the power take-off handle to remove the file, stop the sprinkler pump, and keep the water in the tank drained.

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