Formalization method for the remaining groceries of the air compressor

Residual impurities include impurities in the compressor parts during blank manufacturing, processing, heat treatment, transportation, packaging, installation, assembly of the compressor, or adhesion to parts or compressors, as well as impurities in raw materials such as refrigeration oil.

The types of impurities are generally sand, scale, iron filings, mud, cotton yarn, etc. The largest impurities can be up to several millimeters in diameter. When the air conditioner or the refrigerator is in operation, impurities in the compressor may enter the air conditioner or the refrigeration system of the refrigerator as the refrigerant flows. The capillary inside diameter of the refrigeration system will generally block the capillary.

Although some refrigeration systems are equipped with filters, if the content of impurities is too high, the filters may be blocked, and the refrigerant may not flow smoothly or flow, so that the refrigeration performance of the air conditioner or the refrigerator is lowered or not cooled. In severe cases, the compressor is overloaded due to capillary or filter clogging, causing the compressor's motor to burn out.

When the compressor is running, the compressor will directly enter the matching part of the compressor and cause the compressor to jam. When the impurities enter the compressor suction and exhaust valve, the suction and exhaust valves will not open and close normally. When the refrigeration system is not cooled, when the impurities adhere to the motor or the sealed socket, the motor or the sealed socket is easily broken down, and the compressor is damaged.

Therefore, the residual impurity content in the refrigeration compressor should be strictly controlled. Every part should be carefully cleaned before assembly to keep the environment of the compressor assembly site clean. The raw materials entering the factory should be inspected in strict accordance with the standard. A good compressor should promptly plug the suction, exhaust pipe and fluorine filling nozzle with a plug to control the residual impurity content in the compressor within the standard requirements.

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