Foam Filled Buoys

Model NO.: Foam Filled Buoys
Origin: China
General Surface Support Buoys

Evergreen General Surface Support Foam Buoys are manufactured from a polyethylene thermo-laminated foam core encapsulated within self-colored polyurethane out skin. Used extensively in single point mooring (SPM) systems, the three main types of support buoy are: Cylindrical Buoys, Chain-Throught Buoys, Pick-Up Buoys.

Cylindrical Buoys (YT-CB)
Removable clevis plate/eye
Central tension member designed to suit the client's Safe Working Load
Cylindrical Buoys (YT-CB)
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Chain-Through Buoys (YT-CTB)
Central tube for chain to pass through
Chain locking device, on one and or both, securing the buoy to the chain.
Chain-Through Buoys (YT-CTB)
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Pick-up Buoys (YT-PUB)
General purpose pick-up buoys are sued for mooring, marker and pick-up duties.
Pick-up Buoys (YT-PUB)
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Construction Features:

Closed-Cell Foam Core
The core is manufactured by batching up the resilient closed cell polyethylene closed cell foam and uniformly and continuously thermolaminating each layer together. The method ensures a bond stronger than the foam itself and eliminates the use of adhesives which can break down under long use. Useing of a polyethylene foam core ensure the buoy will not absorb water even if the skin is punctured, increasing the lifespan of the product and reducing maintenance costs. The resilient material makes the buys self fendering with a high impact absorption capacity.
The core is encapsulated with a skin of high performance polyurethane elastomer, spray applied. Polyurethane elastomer is selected for the skin because of its high resistance to abrasion, fatigue and ultra violet degradation and is significantly more durable than polyethylene materials used in the construction of rotationally moulded buoys.
Steelwok and end assembly
Comprising through central steel tube with longitudinal gussets and external load distribution flanges at each end. A swivel assembly, certified 10 tonnes SWL, with bows at each end passes through the central tube.
All the material of swivel assembly are hot DIP galvanized. Steelwork to be coal tar epoxy painted.

Material: Swivel assembly: Bows to BS970
Gusets, flanges carbon steel to BS EN10025 Fe 430 A or B
Central tube to BS 6323 PT 3 HFS 5
Finish: Swivel assembly hot DIP galvanized to BS 729 Zn2/Zn4 at 610 G/M2
Steelwok to be coal tar epoxy painted
Skin Colour: Orange, Yellow and Others
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