Flotation agent addition problem

1 Dosing location. The choice of dosing location is related to the use and nature of the agent. 1 Usually, a pH adjuster is added to the ball mill to allow the inhibitor and collector to function in a slurry of suitable pH. It can eliminate some "impossible ions" that are harmful to flotation; 2 inhibitors should be added before the collector, usually also added to the ball mill to allow the inhibitor to interact with the fresh surface produced by the inhibited minerals early; The agent is often added to the agitation tank, stirred in the tank for a period of time to promote the action of the activated minerals; 4 collector and foaming agent are added to the agitation tank or flotation machine, and the poorly soluble collector (such as cresol black drug Baiyao, coal, oil, etc.) also often added to the grinding machine, which is to promote their dispersion, the role of time increases with minerals.

The usual dosing sequence depends on the situation: 1 flotation of raw ore: pH regulator-inhibitor-collector-foaming agent; 2 when flotation inhibited mineral: activator-collector-foaming agent .

2 dosing method. There are two ways to add drugs, one is to add one time, and the other is to add in batches. 1 One-time addition is to concentrate the dosage once before the rough selection operation. The concentration of the drug thus added is high and it is convenient to add. Generally, for drugs that are easily soluble in water, are not taken away by the foam, and are not easily reacted in the slurry, they are often used for one-time dosing, such as lime, soda, etc.; 2 batch dosing is along the thick, fine, sweep The lines are added in several batches. Generally, 60%-70% of the total amount is added before the flotation, and the remaining batches are added to the appropriate places.

In the following cases, it should be added in batches: 1 agents that are easily oxidized, easily decomposed, and susceptible to deterioration, such as xanthate, sulfur dioxide gas, etc.; 2 agents that are difficult to dissolve in water and are easily taken away by foam, such as oleic acid, Fatty amine collectors; 3 dosage-critical agents such as sodium sulfide. If the local amount is excessive, it will be counterproductive.

According to the above principles, the flotation plant designed the dosing location and the dosage of the drug, which are not allowed to be easily changed during the production operation. But when the long line field flotation, flotation machine if hit "run tank", "sunken groove" concentrate quality deterioration or metal poured into the emergency tailings, allowing appropriate under the circumstances Temporarily add some medicines at the location to reduce losses as quickly as possible. However, it is necessary to analyze the causes of abnormality in time and adjust as soon as possible so that the production situation can be transferred to normal.

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