Finnish brand "Hundred House Pure" unveiled at Guangzhou International Air Optimization Exhibition

Under the previous strong promotion, enterprises from Guangdong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai, and Beijing have signed up for the 2010 Guangzhou International Indoor Air Optimization Products and Equipment Exhibition to be held on August 26 this year in the Pazhou Complex of the Canton Fair. Recently, China's new Guangzhou Import and Export Corporation signed an agreement with the Organizing Committee to apply for the exhibition. At that time, the new company will participate in the exhibition of the “Lighthouse Air Purifier” series of optical plasma air purification products representing the world’s most advanced air disinfection and purification technology. Today, the audience will be able to learn close Application of "Hundred Pure" series of products in the purification of indoor air pollution and its future development prospects.
As a wholly-owned company of a large-scale state-owned China Emerging Group in Guangzhou, over the years, one of China's emerging Guangzhou import and export companies has been committed to the introduction of the world's most advanced environmental protection and health technologies and products to the Chinese market, and has successfully obtained European Finland.” "Hundred Pure" in China's total distribution rights.
The optical plasma air disinfection and purification technology was first applied to the purification of space capsules in the United States. After the development and production of civilian products by Finland Sunlight International Co., Ltd., they were promoted to European and American markets. The brand in Europe and the United States is “BioZone” and the registered trademark in China is “ Hundred House Pure." As soon as the 100room pure air purifier enters the Chinese market, its advanced technology and irreplaceability of its use result have been widely recognized by users and enthusiastically echoed by the market.
The introduction of optical plasma technology and products will certainly have a major impact on people’s lives and production environment. As people pay attention to and attach importance to healthy breathing, indoor air disinfection and purification products will become like color TV sets, refrigerators, and washing machines. The same home essential appliances.

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