Fine fluid control valve small module precision worm put into operation

Jiangsu Provincial Economic and Trade Commission, Changzhou Science and Technology Bureau recently organized experts in the field of gear manufacturing, testing, materials and heat treatment and other aspects of the Changzhou Delicate Precision Transmission Co., Ltd. "Fluid Control Valve Small Modular Precision Worm Vice" project carried out scientific and technological achievements Identification. Identification experts believe that the main technical performance indicators of the product reached the international advanced level. It is understood that the project is completely based on the United States standards AGMA2111-A98 to develop, has begun mass production, the main supply of global fluid motion and control products giant FLOWSERVE other companies, used in oil and gas pipeline control valves and other products. Fluid control valves are the basic components of the petroleum, natural gas, chemical, water and other industries often require high temperature / low temperature, corrosion resistance, high pressure design in order to adapt to the harsh working environment. In the fluid control valve, small module precision worm gear is to ensure the quality of the core part of the requirements of high precision, smooth meshing, wear resistance, transmission efficiency. For a long time, the high-efficiency mass-production of small module precision worm gear has always been a bottleneck restricting the development of high-end liquid control valves in our country. Changzhou Germany Mobile Precision Transmission Co., Ltd. has more than 10 years of production of small modulus gear, pinion and worm gear history, in recent years committed to technological innovation and new product development, product positioning in the high-end and specialty markets. Fluid control valve with a small module precision worm Vice products is the company focused on research and development in 2007 of new products, the quality of its quality inspection agencies and the United States by FLOWSERVE company's rigorous testing. In order to make the product meet the needs of domestic and foreign markets, the company has carried out technological innovation in the production line and now has the ability to produce an annual output of 50,000 sets of precision worm pairs. This has provided strong support for the development of high-end control valves in our country.