Female Tourists Helped Fainted Men to Help Save Dengtai Mountain

Female tourist Dengtaishan proper rescue fainted man was reminded to persuade diesel generator | diesel generator price / 2012-04-11

Girl (Shandong) Taishan saves people and is known as “American tourists”
A man's mountain climber fainted and rescued him properly. After one day, the netizen took pictures and posted over 300,000 hits.
On the 9th, some netizens posted a message on the Internet about the Qingming Mountain Road in the Case of a Beauty Traveler. The picture describes a girl on the way to seeing a male tourist fainting and then stepped forward to help him and put the wooden chopsticks on him. In your mouth, prevent biting your tongue. When the tourist wakes up, the girl keeps talking to him, keeps him awake, and slowly feeds him until the armed police come to carry him back and the rescue process is professional. One-day hits of more than 300,000 posts, netizens called this rescue girl is "beauty tourists."
On the 10th, the reporter contacted the poster's netizen "LBNLBN12058". According to him, on April 3, he and his friends climbed Mount Tai and rested on a large rock near the “revolutionary route” and suddenly saw a male tourist fainted below. Many people stopped, but no one came forward to help. “My friend and I wanted to help but I didn’t dare to go without knowing first-aid knowledge.”
The reporter saw from the photo taken by the netizen that at 10:15:58 on the same day, a girl took the initiative to stand by the fainted male tourist, took out the raincoat from his companion's backpack and folded it under the man's head. “There are tourists around to remind her not to tamper with, but the girls say they will not save anymore. Male tourists may die.”
At this time, male tourists bite their teeth. At 10:16:27, the girl asked her companion to go to a nearby hotel to come with disposable chopsticks and put the chopsticks in the middle of the male visitor's teeth to prevent biting his tongue. As the fainting male visitor had a tight tooth, the girl tried several times before putting the chopsticks.
One minute later, the fainted man began to respond, but his body could not sit up. "It looks like he is very uncomfortable. The girl has been talking to him and keeping him awake. He also took mineral water and slowly fed him."
At 10:18:46, two patrolling armed police rushed to the scene. After communicating with the girl, they took the man and ran down the hill. "After seeing the man was taken away by the armed police, the girl also said loudly, let the man go to the hospital to examine the body carefully."
"When I returned to Beijing, I was still very touched and sent the entire process of her rescue to the Internet and let more people know this beautiful female tourist." Netizen "LBNLBN12058" said.
Net friends
The reporter saw from netizens' responses that everyone was touched by the act of saving girls.
Netizen "zhangdatui": Really beautiful beauty tourists!
Netizen "low-carbon knight": Learn Lei Feng's fiftieth anniversary, this kind of thing should help more.
The netizen "Whoever pollutes anyone": pay tribute to good people!
Netizen "proud as me": This is what a contemporary youth should have. I pay tribute to her!
Netizens "morning on the weekend": As long as everyone gives a little love, the world will become a beautiful world.
Netizen "fish 520 swimming": beauty, beauty is the soul of the United States.
Netizens "looking at the moon and stars": It is worth learning from the people.
Netizen "China Boy": It is very difficult to have a benevolent heart.
Netizen "anonymous person 908815": I hope there will be more good people like women, good people will have good news, good people life safe!
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