Fangyuan Group HZS120D concrete mixing station realizes wireless control

In order to improve the intelligence level of Fangyuan products, Fangyuan Group Complete Equipment Co., Ltd. meticulously researched and developed the world's first full-featured wireless mixing control system for concrete mixing stations on the occasion of the 23rd anniversary of the establishment of Fangyuan Group and the 46th anniversary of its establishment.

Fangyuan Group HZS120D concrete mixing station realizes wireless control

The wireless control system realizes communication by a wireless transmission receiving device. The wireless remote control distance of the standard configuration is about 100 meters. If the relay or bridge is added, the remote control range is unlimited.

Fangyuan Group HZS120D concrete mixing plant

The control system is light and convenient to carry. The equipment used in the wireless control system is only a tablet computer. It can be carried around. It is compact and convenient, and it is easy to operate. The entire wireless equipment setup can be erected in only 5 minutes and can be put into production.

Wireless Big Toy - 120D Concrete Mixing Station Wireless Control System

The single-person operation is safer and more reliable. It is only necessary to click the screen by hand to complete the door opening and closing, start production, and inquire. The hardware cost is low, and the hardware cost of the tablet device only requires the price of the computer monitor.

Fangyuan Group's HZS120D type concrete mixing station realizes wireless remote control intelligence, marking that Fangyuan Group's mixing station has taken a solid step towards intelligent technology. A new round of technological revolution will be set in the mixing station industry, and it will surely become a new bright spot. More substantial economic benefits. (This article comes from Fang Yuan Group Propaganda Department Wang Xinjun clicks into Fangyuan Group's online purchase page )

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