Experts commented on "Eleventh Five-Year" petrochemical industry: should adhere to the four major orientation

At the just-concluded Straits Petrochemical Industry Development Forum, experts from the Petroleum and Chemical Planning Institute stated that during the “Eleventh Five-Year Plan” period, the development of China’s petrochemical industry should adhere to the four major orientations.
-- Strictly control the expansion of refining capacity in small, inefficient and oil-excess areas, further optimize the allocation of crude oil resources, and improve the structure and layout of the oil refining industry. Shut down and transfer small refineries and prevent their resurgence; rational allocation of resources based on regional market consumption gaps and various sources of oil sources; selection of conditional refineries to expand by 20 million tons before 2010 The crude oil processing base will account for about 64% of the total crude oil processing capacity of the country.
—— Improve the supporting crude oil, refined oil reserves and transportation facilities. Expand import and export capacity of crude oil, unload and storage, speed up the construction of crude oil terminals and crude oil strategic reserve bases, accelerate the construction of crude oil and refined oil pipeline networks, adjust the transportation structure, and reduce transportation costs.
-- Continue to implement the expansion and expansion based on energy saving and consumption reduction and improving competitiveness, and adopt the development model of 'base, large-scale, integrated and specialized' to speed up the structural adjustment and industrial upgrading of the petrochemical industry. With the principle of optimizing resources, marketization of products, saving investment, and optimizing profits, we will continue to implement the 'three rounds' of expansion and expansion of China's existing large-scale ethylene companies, and build large-scale ethylene plants in areas where conditions permit. We will strive to build several integrated petrochemical complexes with world-class scale and several key petrochemical industrial clusters in the Yangtze River Delta, the Pearl River Delta, and the Bohai Rim region before 2010 to optimize the use of regional resources and make overall plans for the adjustment of local industrial structures. The need for development.
-- Accelerate the development of chemical products such as synthetic resins, synthetic fiber monomers and synthetic rubber. While consolidating and improving the competitiveness of state-owned and state-controlled enterprises, foreign capital and private capital with certain strength are encouraged to participate in the development of ethylene and its downstream products, promote orderly competition among various ownership enterprises, and thus accelerate ethylene and its downstream Product production capacity building.

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