Energy-saving products or will implement the government procurement system

Should we quantify the energy-saving effect of products at the initial stage of procurement? How to better promote government procurement of energy-saving products in practice? At the "Government Procurement Promotion Seminar for Energy-Saving Products in Some Cities in Shandong Province" jointly organized by the China Government Procurement Newspaper and the China Quality Certification Center, the hot topics in government procurement of energy-saving products were thoroughly discussed.
Kong Xiangyue, deputy director of the China Quality Certification Center, pointed out in the speech at the meeting that the organization of the seminar was to better implement the deployment and requirements of the Ministry of Finance on advancing the government procurement system for energy-saving products, and further publicizing the government procurement of energy-saving products. System, understand the achievements of the system in local practice and issues that need to be solved.
Liu Renmin, Director of the Government Procurement Supervision and Management Division of the Shandong Provincial Department of Finance, fully affirmed the role and significance of the forum. He said: “The forum has strengthened exchanges between government procurement agencies and certification agencies, which is not only conducive to the government procurement agencies' further development of environmentally friendly products. Understanding and understanding, and better enforcement of the policy of strong mining, also help the certification body to understand the various problems encountered by local governments in implementing the government procurement list of energy-saving products in order to study countermeasures and improve them.”
Since 2004, the Ministry of Finance and the National Development and Reform Commission issued the "Opinions on the Implementation of Government Procurement of Energy-saving Products," and all localities have accelerated government procurement of energy-saving products, and have accumulated experience and problems encountered in practical work. Through this forum, delegates discussed on how to better promote the government procurement of energy-saving products, how to ensure the authority of energy-saving product certification, and other issues of concern to the parties concerned. Many good experiences and practices were obtained at the meeting. Communication.
Zhang Yuliang, deputy director of the Government Procurement Center of Weifang City, Shandong Province, first mentioned: “Because purchase funds are limited, purchasers often pay more attention to product prices. However, energy-saving products do not have an advantage in terms of price.” Laiwu City Authority According to Yang Ziju, deputy party secretary and deputy director of the Party Committee, “Promoting government procurement of energy-saving products cannot be considered as a temporary economic account, but it is necessary to proceed from a long-term perspective. At present, this task should start by changing the understanding of this policy among relevant units and personnel. This viewpoint has been widely recognized by the delegates. Zhou Ming, deputy director of the Government Procurement Management Office of Zibo City Finance Bureau, also suggested: “Government procurement should pay attention to the savings rate, and whether the procurement of environmental protection products should also calculate the energy-saving rate. At the same time, quantify the energy-saving effect of the product, so that buyers can see more directly The benefits of purchasing energy-saving products."
"The various resources saved during the service life of energy-saving and environmental protection products cannot make up for the difference between them and non-energy-saving products." Ren Xinmei, deputy director of the Government Procurement Management Office of Yantai City Finance Bureau, broke the key to promoting energy-saving products. At present, due to factors such as higher production costs, limited sales, and undilutive research costs in the early stage of promotion, many energy-saving products are much more expensive than similar non-energy-saving products. In response to this objective problem, Wang Xiansheng, director of the Linfen City Municipal Government Procurement Center, introduced the local practice, that is, the city government will annually contribute 3 million yuan to award outstanding units for energy conservation and environmental protection procurement.

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