Emsys marine laser monitoring system technology patented

US company WR Systems has announced that its "outer stack" particulate (PM) measurement technology for Emsys contamination monitoring has been patented.
It is reported that WR Systems' Emsys system is designed to measure emissions of gases and particulates such as NOX, SOX and CO2 and PM. WR Systems said that the United States has strengthened legislation on visible smoke emissions from ships.
Simon Brown, president of HR Systems' international maritime business, said, "Our team spent three years developing this system that combines laser and PM measurement technology. The laser measures the heat and humidity of the gas, so there is no need to use filters, Gas coolers and dryers. Emsys is designed to be installed where exhaust gases are concentrated, enabling one sensor to monitor up to 10 engines and boilers, significantly reducing costs compared to the prior art."
WR Systems has successfully commercialized Emsys. Recent contracts include multiple scrubber monitoring applications, offshore drilling vessels, and new shipbuilding in the Middle East.

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