Emerging Markets Become New Business Opportunities for Domestic LED Lighting Foreign Trade Enterprises

Affected by the economic downturn, the mature market of LED lighting in Europe, America and Japan in 2012 was weak, and the domestic LED industry's foreign trade market performance was not satisfactory. The enhancement of environmental awareness and the government's vigorous promotion, CPbay China product harbor data monitoring shows that LED lighting has penetrated rapidly in emerging markets such as Russia, Southeast Asia and India in recent years. In 2013, it will become a new business opportunity for domestic LED lighting foreign trade enterprises.

LED exports fell from January to August 2012

According to CPbay monitoring data, from January to August 2012, the total export value of LED lighting products in China was about 2.335 billion US dollars, and the export weight was about 192,700 tons, down 65.2 year-on-year. From the year-on-year analysis, it can be seen that the LED lighting export value showed a year-on-year decline for eight consecutive months. This shows that China's LED lighting has a significant downward trend in export value compared with the same period last year, and the export situation is not optimistic. From January to mid-August, except for the February affected by the New Year holiday, the lowest LED lighting export value was in January, which was about 239 million US dollars, down about 49.56 year-on-year; the highest export value of LED lighting was August, about 3.88 in US dollars, down 33.18 year-on-year.

LED lighting in emerging markets is heating up in 2013

According to CPbay's comprehensive information, including Russia, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Africa and other countries or regions, due to the high investment in infrastructure construction and the relatively mature economic growth market, the demand for LED lighting products has significantly increased.

The penetration rate of LED lighting in Russia has been increasing year by year. In the long run, the Russian LED lighting market has a global scale of 1-5. The LED lighting market in the country and neighboring countries has a compound growth rate of 34 in 2014. After Russia officially joined the WTO, the decline in import tariffs will help expand the profit margin of LED companies, and its lighting market will exceed 700 million US dollars.

In 2012, the total size of the Thai lighting market was approximately US$250 million, and the LED penetration rate was approximately 10. It is expected that by 2015, the penetration rate of LED lighting in the Thai market will increase to over 45. At present, the Thai government is actively carrying out LED lighting projects, and the demand for LEDs has increased.

In Vietnam, the draft National Urban Development Plan 2011-2020 announced by the government hopes that the national urbanization level will reach 38 in 2015, which is also a new market for LED lighting exports.

India's lighting products include traditional lighting, LED lighting, about 80 products from China, and the Indian government is planning to increase the proportion of traditional lighting systems into LED lighting systems, it is estimated that by 2015, India's LED lighting market annual compound growth rate Will reach 41.

About 90 rural people in Africa do not have electricity, and many small streets in cities do not have street lights. The basic lighting and municipal lighting market is the most promising market in Africa. The United Nations has organized a lighting philanthropy and development program in Africa with the goal of providing energy-efficient LED lighting to African users. With the rapid development of modern cities in Africa, the diversified LED lighting market including markets, stations, shopping malls, etc., as well as tourist attractions and holiday villa markets, have new applications and market demands.

CPbay helps emerging markets develop

The demand for LED lighting in the emerging international market is gradually fermenting. Facing the stagnation and fierce competition in mature markets and opening up the New World in a timely manner, it will bring new opportunities for domestic enterprises. However, emerging markets, such as vast territory, cultural differences, difficulties in promotion, high costs, policy risks, and fragmented demand in the early stage, have made it difficult for most companies to quench their thirst.

Due to its openness (not subject to geographical restrictions), interactivity, cost control, and controllable risks, the Internet platform has obvious advantages and becomes a weapon for emerging market development. CPbay China Products Harbour brings together tens of thousands of professional overseas buyers and advantageous resources in the LED industry, becoming the preferred foreign trade platform for many domestic LED lighting companies. The professional services provided by CPbay will help domestic LED lighting companies to get out of the woods, open up new markets, capture new business opportunities and gain new development.

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