Electronic Digital Bulk Fuel Oil Flow Meter

  • Model NO.: TCS50-EP-1
  • Main Application: Diesel Fuel, Fuel Oil
  • Sensor: Tube/Flange
  • Type: Volume Type Flow Meter
  • Measuring Principle: Mechanics
  • Certification: CE, ISO
  • Trademark: JIASONG
  • Specification: CE, SGS
  • HS Code: 9026100000
  • Accuracy: ±0.2-0.5%
  • Size: DN50-100
  • Application: Transportation
  • Measuring Media: Liquid
  • Measurement Object: Closed Pipeline
  • Place of Origin: Zhejiang China (Mainland)
  • Transport Package: Standard Packing
  • Origin: China
Excellent stepless fine-tuning device allows plus-minus calibration of flowmeter;
High accuracy and repeatability within the large range of flow; Superior accuracy of constant flow;
Low maintenance, low wear, long working life;
Low pressure loss, genuine gravity flowmeter;
Accuracy regardless of pressure fluctuations, temperature variation, viscosity;
Aluminum, cast iron and stainless steel materials of construction for choice.
Electronic Digital Bulk Fuel Oil Flow Meter
Model TCS-40-1 TCS-50-1 TCS-50H-1 TCS-80-1 TCS-80H-1 TCS-100-1 TCS-100H-1 TCS-150-1 TCS-150H-1
Size 40mm/1.5'' 50mm/2'' 80mm/3'' 100mm/4'' 150mm/6'' or 100mm/4''
Flow Range(L/min) 25-250 38-380 55-550 75-750 115-1150 130-1300 170-1700 225-2250 300-3000
Volume Per Revolutior 0.309L 0.681L 1.839L 5.102L 9.507L
Max Pressure 108Bar/150PSI
Accuracy ±0.2%
Repeatability ≤0.5%
Unit Liter/US Gallon/IMP Gallon

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