Electric floor heating installation process introduction and installation notes

Electric floor heating installation process introduction and installation notes:
1. View of the electric heating construction environment: Before we perform electric floor heating installation, we must conduct a professional inspection of the voltage in the circuit to ensure that the electric floor heating cable can meet the corresponding voltage operation; secondly, we must also check the electrical wiring. Specifications to determine the current carrying capacity of the cable requires that the current carrying capacity of the power supply be greater than 20% of the rated current of the installed cable, and the leakage protection device must be installed in the power distribution box.
2. Preparation of electric floor heating materials: Before installing electric floor heating, cables, accessories and tools must be prepared in advance.
3. Test the cable: Before laying, it must be tested with a heating cable, check the nominal resistance and insulation resistance of the cable, and ensure that the heating cable has no open circuit or short circuit.
4. Laying of thermal insulation layer: In the clean laying area, the thermal insulating and heat-insulating board, which plays the role of insulation and heat insulation, is laid on a flat and clean structural surface.
5, the laying of reflective film: Laying reflective composite aluminum foil, the material is a polyester vacuum aluminum film, can play a role in uniform heat conduction, so that the surface temperature is uniform, laid on the extruded board, laying must be flat, and tape fixed .
6. Laying of steel wire mesh: Lay the wire mesh on the reflective film and fix it on the heat insulation board. The joints should be firmly tied with staples or tie-bands. The steel wires should be overlapped and fixed.
7. Laying of heating cables: Lay the cables according to the design drawings, connect one end of the cable and the temperature sensor from the ground to the pvc embedded pipe, and connect it to the bottom case of the thermostat, and then fix and lay it.
8. Once again, the cable is tested: After the electric floor heating cable is laid, it is necessary to retest the cable, mainly to measure its nominal resistance and insulation resistance. The detection method is the same as the previous detection.
9, the thermostat installation: The ground temperature probe through the pipe, the end of the pipe should be closed and set up as far as possible between the two cable lines, and the use of trapped band and wire mesh fixed.
10, power detection: After the thermostat is installed, if there are conditions, need to carry out power testing, check whether the cable is hot, and test whether the heat generated by the cable is uniform.
11, filled with concrete: pouring concrete filling layer, the materials used must meet the design requirements, the concrete must be placed in the laying area of ​​the pad to transport, fill the completion of 48 hours is not allowed to trample, is strictly prohibited picking, heavy loading.
12, after the installation of electrical floor heating test acceptance: After the concrete filling layer curing period is over, start debugging heating cable heating system, the system should be set to run at a low temperature range of 5 °C ~ 10 °C for a period of time, and then gradually increase the temperature until Heating and comfortable temperature.
Electrical floor heating installation notice must find a construction team with expertise in electric heating. "Three-point floor, seven-point installation", the effect of amateur decoration team spread out is self-evident. The sealing of the floor heating system must be checked before paving. The ground must be dry (can be judged by experimental phenomena). The moisture content of the cement floor should be less than 1.5%. The indoor humidity should not be too large. Regardless of whether there is geothermal heating or not, the ambient humidity is preferably around 60 degrees before and after installation. No nailing is allowed on the ground during construction. After the construction is completed, the ground is also prohibited from nailing to prevent damage to the electric film.
Before laying the laminate flooring, an EPE composite membrane (which must be marked with special words for floor heating) should be laid to isolate the moisture, so that the moisture can be released from the surrounding skirting board. No keel should be laid. The small thermal conductivity of air will affect the cooling effect and may damage the pipe. When the floor is laid, special glue must be used for floor heating to increase the time and effect of use. Moreover, the glue basically does not have to worry about the emission of harmful gases. Leave expansion joints between the floor and the wall, and use a skirting board that is thicker than the usual floor. Paving the ground and installing the skirting board should be done in two separate steps. 48 hours after laying the floor, the glue is completely dry, and the skirting board is removed after removing the fastener. The floor can only warm up after 24 hours of installation.

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