Eight elderly people in Yunnan have planted trees for several decades and afforested 136,000 mu

Eight elderly people in Yunnan planted trees for several decades and afforested 136,000 acres of diesel generators | Diesel Generator prices / 2012-04-11

To plant trees and keep the mountains, Wang Xiaomiao said that he had done these two things in 30 years. His face was roasted dark by the highland sun and his feet were cracked like bark. The villagers said that the old man would become an old tree.
Wang Xiaomiao's tree scaffolding village in Longhai Township, Luliang County, Yunnan Province sounded green, and the natural village under its jurisdiction even had the name “Green Yingtang”. However, in fact, this is a karst landscape. The gray stone mountains were originally only sporadic weeds.
At the beginning of the year, Wang Xiaomiao and seven “good brothers” who were in their prime year led the villagers to plant trees on the mountains and set up a forest farm on Huamu Mountain. Later, they completed more than 100,000 mu of afforestation works in 9 nearby townships.
The first batch of Huashan Pine that they planted now has grown into a big tree. People are old. Wang Xiaomiao is 73 years old and is 8 years old. Wang Jiayun is 87 years old. Four of the elders could barely walk out of the village alone. If they were not sitting in a visitor’s car, they would not have been able to climb the first batch of trees.
In 2010, Huamushan Forest Farm was assessed as a national ecological public welfare forest. According to regulations, the age of the forest protection personnel cannot exceed 60 years old. All eight old men down the mountain.
Tree planting
Wang Jiashou, 78, said that when Hua Shansong grows up to one year old, she will split up her throat. When he was guarding the mountain, he could still count the branches of the clear tree. Nowadays the big pine tree is more than 10 meters high. He feels dizzy when he takes his neck and stands for a moment. "The number is not clear," he said, but his eyes were full of joy. Then he used his hands to circle the large bowl, hesitated, and squawked out again, saying, “It's so thick,” as if it were the head of his grandson.
In a cold spring day in March, under the roof of Wang Jiashou, a charcoal fire was created. In the morning at 7 or 8 o'clock, a few old folks have gathered by the hearth. The cane was thrown on the ground and the water pipe was turned on. The old people began talking in a rush of words. As long as the weather is good and there is no episode of emphysema, Wang Jiashou will come out and basking in the sun early, waiting for his brother's brother to "blow (cheat)."
"It was all blown before in the mountains," Wang Jiayun said. His eyes became turbid green and yellow, and he listened to people. He would hold his hand to his ear and tilt his head toward the source of the sound. He could not remember what year it was on the mountain, nor could he tell how many acres of forest he had made. Whenever other people asked about this, the numbers he spits out are always different.
He said that when the first pine tree was taller than him, it would have passed fourteen years. Wang Jiashou was not happy at the moment. The only literate old man of the 8 people quickly interrupted Wang Jiayun’s words: “Hey, if you make mistakes, it will be a matter of years. I remember!” His brother Wang Chang took a seat and nodded frequently. Wang Yunfang, who is honest and unselfish, hears everyone's words and smiles.
Speaking of the area of ​​afforestation, Wang Jiashou said in a serious statement: “The Huamu Mountain is 7400 acres, a total of 136,000 acres.” After he finished, he still remembered the old man's two sentences. For the rest of my life, don't be wrong."
In 1980, Huamushan had no flowers and no wood, and some were full of chaos. The gale came and the stones were mixed with sand and rolled. The glutinous rice under the mountain never yields fruit. 41-year-old Wang Xiaomiao has been a militia battalion commander for 17 years. He always led the militia to practice shooting at the Huamushan shooting range. The sun is hot on the stones.
“The mountain must be the same as the people. It is good to put on clothes and trousers.” Wang Xiaomian looked for the production captain and decided to plant trees in the mountains. "There are trees on the top of the hill, there are roads under the mountain, and the peasants will be rich." Wang Xiaomiao always puts his words on his lips. In fact, the original intention is no more than simple, the tree can block the wind, can hold water, can be sold as timber. At that time, in the production team, the man gave 10 points, the woman gave 8 and the tree was the same.
Wang Xiaomiao went from house to house. He pulled Wang Jiashou and Wang Jiashou also called his younger brother Wang Chang. To get together the eight leaders, they also pulled out more than a dozen relatives and friends. The cousin called his cousin, his sister took up her sister, and the elder father led her son. At the foot of the Huamu Mountain, two abandoned brickyards were also converted to “Huamushan Collective Forest Farm”.
However, it is harder to grow green trees in the rocks than to plant crops in the fields.
"How much is it?" Wang Jiayun sighed and said, "Oh, better than not."
Wang Chang took 10 fingers to the charcoal fire, and could not find a complete nail, or uneven, or already incomplete. Wang Xiaomiao took off his shoes and the skin of his heel shuffled. "Blood in the winter and the blood soaked the socks."
In the days of planting trees, each winter and spring season, when frozen rain and ice and snow frozen the stones in the mountains, the eight leaders took up one hundred and eighty people. From the early morning to the early evening, they waved iron shovels and steel rakes and digged them in accordance with the standards of 20 centimeters wide and 20 centimeters deep. The numbness of the tiger's mouth has never stopped and small bubbles have been produced in the palm of his hand. The blister was worn and it became old. One by one, you will get a new one. The fingernails are also smashed out one by one, and grow again.
They set up low straw sheds in the leeward and flat areas and set up large iron pots to take turns cooking and men and women separated. The glutinous rice cakes slowly matured against the iron pot. People digging ponds slowly returned to the station. No matter who is coming back late, the remaining dinner is always hot in the pan and full of water.
In the evening, the cold came down from the sky and got out of the rock. One half-dressed, half-shopped, half-covered, men and women, young and old, too late to feel cold, slept in extreme exhaustion. And the 8 brothers are always huddle in the same shed, reaching each other and warming each other.
In the rainy season, they put on their coats and put the cultivated pine seedlings into the dug ponds in the rain.
When referring to the saplings, Wang Jiayun tried to open his eyes and said, “Do you know how good it is?” He laughed with the length of his thumb and forefinger. “There was only one bean sprout!” In his rough, cracked palm, it is difficult to see a clear line. The pale yellow nails are thickened and the front end is cracked.
In fact, there are a total of more than a million "bean sprouts," which grow from a stone crevice into a pine tree that covers the entire Huamu Mountain.
At that time, whenever they felt back pain in their work, they would straighten up and look at the green hills. "When you see the tree, you feel energetic."
When 84-year-old Wang Yunfang walks today, her body is completely bowed down and pressed on a crutch before she can move step by step. The "bean sprouts" that he planted with his own hands have long exceeded his height. For him, stretching his body and looking up at them is already very laborious.
Sitting on the polo bar, he would press his hand on the left abdomen from time to time, "always feel pain."
From 1980 to 1982, pine seedlings were planted on Huamu Mountain, which was 2,400 meters above sea level and 7,400 mu in diameter, and was more than 95% live. The people of Sili and the Eight Villages all came to visit and the surrounding towns and villages also came to ask them to help afforestation. After another 11 years, the 136,000 mu of barren hills that had been seriously desertified in this area were all planted with Huashan Pine.
Since September 1982, Songlin has received a subsidy of 10 yuan per mu per acre after being accepted by the forestry department. After repaying the money and tools and seed money to the credit unions and paying the wages to the labor force, the amount of money has already remained. As a matter of fact, the nearly 1,000 people's army of afforestation can get 3 cents per person per day, and this figure has risen to 7 points. The wages of the eight leaders are not different from others.
Since 1993, the old people no longer go up the mountain to plant trees. They set aside a small plot of land at Huamushan Forest Farm, and became an obligatory forest keeper. They raise silkworms, raise long-haired rabbits, and grow vegetables. The growth of the trees fixes the water and soil on the hills, the rabbits raise their lives and the silkworms extract high-quality silk threads, and a small natural pond appears in the mountains. Peel the duckweed with a wooden bucket to get water. The old people were accompanied by the pine forest and "have a good time."
After going down the hill in 2010, Wang Jiashou and Wang Chang took two people living on a subsistence allowance. The lives of the other six elders were "somewhat difficult, but they were always decent." Before the media reported that the old people's wish is "to solve the minimum guarantees," but this is not the case.
The old people were tired and the fire in the oven was even more prosperous. Wang Xiaomiao grunted and lifted the hookah. Wang Chang and Wang Jiade took their hands and moved in the yard. Wang Yunfang, who hadn't talked about anything, suddenly opened his mouth and talked about his own dream of a few days ago.
That night, when he dreamed of his youthful appearance, he returned to the forest farm, digging shovels with iron shovels, and fighting with iron and stone. Mars splattered. In my dream, I am very strong, not the current "old back pot." The villagers beside him said to him, Daddy, how are you. He got up straight and saw that there was a big tree around him and he said to the man that I did not suffer.
After waking up, he spent a long time trying to sit up on the bed until he was panting.
Wang Jiayun never built a house of his own. He always felt that he was jealous of the children and grandchildren, but the grandson and daughter-in-law said to him, "You shouldn't say anything like this. We have been exposed to a great light. The people on the village say that you have given us a good fortune."
The so-called "fu" certainly does not stop at people's praise.
One kilometer down from Huamushan Forest Farm, there is a “Longtan” and there is a small village next to Longtan, which is called “Water Well”. The villagers said that Longtan is the eye of the mountain. Once it rained, the water washed down directly from the hill and could not keep it. Since these trees were available, a few years ago, there was groundwater in the mountains and there was a “Longtan”.
The villagers used slate to build a water cellar for Longtan, closed the iron window, and hung a lock on the window. When they reached the front, they could hear the sound of the spring stream. The water pipe connecting the cellar leads directly to the village. It is said that most of the people in Shuijingzi Village are specially relocated here for the purpose of "Longtan." There are 86 households and 296 people in the village. The draught depends on this eye spring.
Push open the window, is a pool of crystal clear spring water. There is a spring above the pool, and the springs flow out and keep moving. Speaking of the eight elderly people who planted trees, the villagers’ gratitude is very simple: “They are doing something for the benefit of their children and grandchildren.
In fact, since several barren hills near Huamushan have all been covered in green clothes, there are no more hailstones to hit the leaves in the fields, and there are no sandstorms to scrape down the crops under the mountains. The empty barley rice finally turned out to be fruit. The people who lived in the tree-shedding village around the age of 40 can still remember that when they were young people in the mountains, the wind rolled up sand and stones, and people simply did not dare to walk with their heads up. Nowadays, the sun shines through the gap in the trees and the breeze comes. The cadres in the township came to see the elders and praised them for “just more than just planting trees and creating scenic spots”.
When the sun comes out, Wang Jiamiao, where Wang Xiaomiao is located, will be sunburned with a loose smell. Songzhi encircled a goose circle and was also filled with wood houses behind villagers' houses. Pine needles even sheltered the roof of the hut. The little child smashed the pine tower as a toy and flew a long way to kick.
Wang Xiaomiao removed a long table from the house and placed it in the middle of the yard. He also moved out of a large aluminum pot and drove the chickens to the corner before they opened the lid. "Here he couldn't touch the rat," he grinned and rubbed his hand on the clothes a few times, cautiously flipping over the contents of the pan.
"Model workers," "outstanding party members," "heroes of afforestation," ... to the national level, small village committees, aluminum pot filled with his award certificate, honorary medal and red ribbon, and even when the award Big red flower. He took it out and opened it, opened his eyes, looked at the sun for a long time, and placed it on the long table again. There are too many awards, just put it here, and then fell to the ground. He quickly bent over and picked it up, dusting.
In fact, the illiterate Wang Xiaomiao could not understand what was written on it, but he could accurately match the set of certificates and medals. “That of course knows which and which are together.” Wang Xiaomiao looked at the table full of honors. “I often come out to see, come to see him.”
Sometimes he gets bonuses and donations and he will give some of the old people in the village. Prizes will also be shared with 7 old partners. Only these certificates are his own.
He also asked his second son for a daughter-in-law. That year, he took the wages of the workers and distributed them to the village and went to a family. When he watched him with a bulging bag, he had to assign his own prostitute to the boy of his family.
Wang Xiaomiao now lives with his two sons. When asked what he could leave to children and grandchildren, he pointed to the aluminum pan. In his mouth, the grandson worshiped him very much, and he wanted to learn from him.
In the attic where Wang Xiaomiao lives, the roof reveals light. The beds were covered with a holey mosquito net and old muddy shoes were placed under the bed. A beggar hangs on the edge of the bed. Wang Xiaomiao said: "My grandchildren are young and I can't wear this one."
In 2010, the old people returned to the farm under the mountain. From time to time, media outside the mountains visited them and they were all very enthusiastic. “The old came to see us a few old men. You have worked hard.” Wang Xiaomiao often said. Some people proposed to look at his certificate. He would say "Okay." If he wants to visit his attic, he also says "OK." Let him comment on "leadership." He still says "OK."
In recent months, every few days, “leaders” have instructed them not to leave their homes in the next day and they want to come to the media. The media came. The car carried eight elderly people up the hill. People who came from the car took out the camera and other machines that the old people had never seen before. They let them stand in the old photos in the place where they once took pictures. , and then go down to go home. Sometimes there are also "medias" sitting with them chatting together. Even if it is young, the old people are also called "teachers."
Speaking of “teachers” about burning potatoes or digging ponds, the language of several old people is very simple. But once they talked about the significance of planting trees, they immediately became serious. The words “protecting the environment” and “beautifying the homeland” were spoken in their tongues in a tongue. They looked a bit stiff, but they were very serious and their eyes were straight. Stare at each other directly.
The director of the history of the Spiritual Civilization Office of the Propaganda Department of Luliang County is a person who has had much contact with Wang Xiaomiao. He said that he once led Wang Lao to the city to receive the award. He had told him that the audience was all "big leaders." He should be able to confess his winning speeches, and he could go on stage. Wang Xiaomiao did not remember. Only said one sentence: "I don't regret it."
Honor has never eliminated the old man's apology to his family. When labor is needed at home and when the children need their father, they choose to plant trees and ignore the Gu family. More often, for the 8th consecutive Spring Festival, they spent their time in the forests of the mountains. They burned several artichokes and drank several cups of glutinous rice wine, even if it was New Year.
Wang Jiashou's wife was angry and pointed to his nose. "People call Hua Zi and the dogs are still 3 days old. You are even worse than dogs." The couple struggled and Wang Jiashou's chest buttons were ripped off by his wife. And Wang Xiaomiao’s wife bought a new pot and she wanted to divorce him. In the local area, buying a new pot means splitting and splitting.
However, they cannot leave the tree. They chose to stay in the mountains and continue to dig ponds, plant trees, and keep the mountains.
Speaking of it, Wang Mingshou's son, Wang Mingkun, is like his father. After graduating from junior high school, he followed his father to go up the mountain to plant trees. Later, he became a forest ranger at the observation deck of Huamushan Forest Farm. He worked for eight years. When his son was young, his wife always went up the hill to hand him the children and returned to the village to work. Today, although Wang Mingkun is no longer guarding the forest on the mountain, he is still one of the forest rangers.
Wang Jiyun’s eldest son Wang Jirong chose to withdraw early. After a few years with his father's afforestation, he felt that "it was harder to eat than to work harder than in the field." Wang Jiayun’s wife, Bao Xiaosi, now talks about his marriage with Wang Jiayun, or complains that he is “poor and precious (stupid)”. If he had not had a rash on his face, he would not marry him. The son is a treasure."
Wang Jirong, the “stupid son” in his mother’s mouth, later went on a construction project and became a famous “big boss” in the village. The 2 acres of land in his family were planted by the elderly and were also moved to the collective forest. Wang Jirong only said: "The old man has suffered all his life. I can't bear the two acres of land."
Wang Xiaomiao's daughter never seemed to forgive her father. When she was 7 years old, her father took her up the mountain. The current silk factory worker did not go to school. She could not recognize a few words. She said, "I had delayed me."
For Wang Kaihe, now 81 years old, planting trees means washing his mother's embarrassment. He joined the land reform at the age of 18 and joined the party at the age of 21. He was once the model of the brigade. However, because of the transfer of their own land to other families, the mother committed suicide under the guise of pesticides. Therefore, Wang Kaihe, who was expelled from the Party, chose to plant trees in the mountains. “At that time, I didn’t think that my life was hopeful. I couldn’t do anything for my mother and I would plant trees to do something for her younger generation.”
Now go to Huamushan Forest Farm, Songtao bursts. When you go to the pine needles at the foot of the pine tree, you can still see the dark gray soil covered with fine green rocks. Wildflowers are clustered and open to the ground. Locals say that if it weren’t for the two droughts, the red rhododendrons in the tree farms should be better off.
For the eight elderly people, the tree is the same as people, but also their family members. Once the seedlings planted each year are "standing, green, and alive," they are happy. "It's like seeing your own child." Wang Jiashou said that if he saw the tree dying, he would have to cough and cough and feel bored in his chest.
One winter, Wang Xiaomian brought his 17-year-old son to plant trees in Banqiao Town. The coldness and exhaustion of more than a month caused the young man to suffer from a severe cold and a high fever. Wang Xiaomiao remembered digging the pond and couldn't get off the hill. He asked his wife, Cha Caiying, to send the child to the hospital in the city. After three hours of rescue, the boy still passed away.
Later, the tree became the full spiritual sustenance of Wang Xiaomiao. No matter who asked, he insisted on insisting on the adherence of the eight of them. There was no fire in the mountains, and no one dared to cut down the trees.
Speaking of Shulin, Wang Jiashou pointed to the stove in front of the fingers and spoke of a dry spring evening in the early 90s. On that day, the neighboring Dalongtan Village in Majie Town was ignorant of anyone burning a stalk and lit the fire. By the wind, the fire rushed toward the neighboring Huamushan Forest Farm and "fired and burned." Eight of them hardly cut a barrier with a sickle and waved pine branches to extinguish the fire. Afterwards, the clothes are burned out.
Wang Jiashou is talking hard and Wang Xiaomiao, who has been smoking stuffy cigarettes next to him, has suddenly put a half-meter-long hookah on the ground. In fact, on that occasion, Wang Xiaomiao’s shoulders and backs were all burned. It was one of the eight people who were seriously injured. However, he is always reluctant to admit that the forest farm was once in danger.
“It is impossible to say that nobody has stolen the tree.” Wang Xiaomiao tightened his brow and finally said, “One can sell 300 yuan!” He raised three fingers and stressed it heavily. In his view, this is a very big number, which can make many people have no scruples about his hard work.
On one occasion, he patrolled the forest and suddenly saw three pine trees that had been planted earlier, leaving only three bare wooden posts. Xiaomiao Wang sat down on the ground, stroking the annual rings on the cross section of the stump, and tears fell.
In fact, many people in the village think that the tree is under the eight-old species. But none of them are reluctant to cut it. Need wood, firewood, they still buy from the outside. Wang Kaihe’s eaves had a wooden pole, half a meter long, under the roof of the roof, supporting earthen houses that could collapse at any time. He never thought of cutting down trees to repair his home. Ask him why he just smiled and waved his hand firmly.
The same is true of Wang Jiashou. He pointed to his own house, half collapsed in front of the west wing and injured his wife's eyes. But he asked his son to buy bamboo for reinforcement. Wang Mingkun was eager to ask his father to pinewood to the collective, but he did not dare to open his mouth. He knew that "the tree is the meat of the old man."
The chief is full of pride on falling pine needles. He occasionally went up the hill and saw the villagers picking up pine needles as fertilizer and stopped them. In his opinion, when leaves fall, the tree can grow strong. There is nothing wrong with a person. "Many people, this forest will not be able to lose."
When volunteering for forests, 8 people get up at 5:30 every morning and each person is responsible for the inspection of two or three hills. At one or two in the afternoon, go out and turn around again. After dinner, they split up. There are no people in the mountains. Only the sound of the feet on the pine needles and the occasional bird song. But the old people do not feel lonely, nor can they be afraid, except for the fire.
Because there are more and more trees around, the stubborn Wang Xiaomiao begins to keep the family from burning paper money at the time of the sweep, but picks up a stone on the mountain and holds down the paper money. When he meets with other grave-sweepers, he will also have to persuade him.
Sometimes Wang Xiaomiao encounters young people who smoke in the forest farms. He “confiscates” other people’s lighters. "Look at me as an old man, they will give it to me." In fact, Wang Xiaomiao is a veritable "old smoker" and the smoke does not leave his hand. However, as long as he goes uphill, whether he is going for a few days or a few months, he won't even take a breath. "The trees are afraid of the fire and have worked hard for decades. A fire is gone."
In 2010, Longhai Township invited the eight veteran forest farms to collective management, and they can go down the hill to provide for the elderly. Wang Kaihe said that at that moment, his heart was quiet. Because when defending mountains, the fire protection responsibility for forest protection is significant. "Don't give up the forest and don't dare to go home! Now I just want those little sisters (young people) to look good."
Wang Yunfang’s wife died early. He was busy planting trees and did not care about home. Today, his wife is buried in the Huashan pine forest that he planted. It is about ten meters tall. His son, Wang Guoping, said: "My mother is still guarding with me."
Wang’s son, Wang Mingkun, pulled a tin from his drawer and opened it like an open dusty memory. In a yellowed old photograph, Wang Xiaomiao and Wang Jiashou stood on the boulders of the cliffs. Their cheeks had not collapsed due to aging, and their chests had not been paralysed by labor. With a dark blue collared tunic, the top of a black hair, Wang Xiaomiao smiled at the camera, his chin, like a hero.
For 30 years, they have digged ponds, planted trees, and kept mountains day after day. However, the eight individuals never dispersed. They stood side by side like the pine trees that lived on the hill. This made them very comforting. Wang Xiaomiao said that the 8 old wives had never been red-faced or had a fight (arguing). Everything was discussed and family members took care of each other.
The gathering of the old people continues. Wang Mingkun moved a bag of artichoke eggs, clamped it with a pair of tongs, and threw it on the stove to bake. “They are all ours,” Wang Mingkun’s wife said. She was standing next to her and chatting with several seniors from time to time. “It's too familiar. It was a family.” Slightly cold, the modest housewife rushed to let Wang Jiayun, the age-rated star, enter the house to simmer. Can not tell the old man, she simply found a large stove, and then burned a charcoal fire, pushed to the old people.
This kind of love does not need language to express. Asked any of their elders about their brothers' feelings, the answer was "general," "fortunately," "fair." In fact, they are just shy to express themselves. Because of the tree, they became loved ones.
In the memory of Wang Jiashou, several brothers were also happy on the mountain. They breed trees, and trees live their lives. Travelling in the woods, the sun is no longer sunburn, and I would like to sing folk songs for a while. Head down, the original rocky desert has changed, and grow fresh mushrooms, can "improve food." Pull a wild flower to his grandson and pick up a few wild fruits. In the face of older pine trees, Wang Xiaomiao will walk over and take two shots against the trunk, like greeting old friends.
Every living tree, every lush forest, makes them "heart happy, not so happy." Occasionally, Wang Deying would say a few jokes. Wang Kaihe would readily put a blade of grass on his lips and a melodious tune would fly out. Wang Jiashou loves to sing “Jin Feng Zi, Saffron” and “open it to the poor”.
The artichoke egg made a slight buzz on the fire and Wang Jiashou's song rang. His voice was rough and his teeth were deflated. His expression was excited. Every time you sing, there is an old man joining in. Someone forgot the lyrics, and the person next to him loudly reminded him. After singing, the old people laughed together.
Wang Jiashou rubs his own knees and proudly says that this is not embarrassment. We also dance and dance with crabs. As he said, he stood up in a trembling position and turned back to greet the rest.
In the open space in front of the house, two guard dogs lazily slumped in the cellar. An apple tree was full of pink and white flowers. The three older people under the tree sang the “crab song” and danced their arms to make crab claws. At the same time, they lifted their feet and tried to touch each other’s feet.
"It used to be like under the pine trees." Wang Jiashou said he was busy jumping around. However, they are already too old, sensation in their mouths and singing, but their hands can not keep up with the rhythm; trying to lift their legs, but can not touch each other's feet.
But for the elderly, this is already satisfactory. Wang Xiaomiao said: "We have 8 people together, just like the clothes we wear. It's not new, it's just good."
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