Dynamic balance of electric control valve purposes and working principle

Dynamic balance Electric control valve is a dynamic balance of electric regulation and integration of products. It uses a new design concept, making the control valve in the actual work of the system when the pressure fluctuations, the dynamic balance of system pressure changes. Therefore, this dynamic balance of electric valve flow curve when working with the ideal flow characteristics of the curve is consistent, there is no deviation. Special design to ensure that the electric valve control only by the role of standard control signals, and not subject to system pressure fluctuations, and the corresponding electric valve opening position of any of its flow is unique and constant, for HVAC In the system, this means that the amount of heat (cold) delivered by the motorized valve at any regulated position is stable. Therefore, this electric valve is particularly suitable for variable flow system with large load changes, with anti-interference ability, stable working condition, high regulation accuracy. Avoiding the traditional electric valve even in the same opening position, the flow rate changes with the system pressure fluctuations shortcomings. Dynamic balance of electric control valve to maintain this flow unchanged, when the command changes the electric valve opening changes, the design of new flow value, balance valve and then maintain the same new flow, so that can be affected by the outside world, while maintaining the flow of the unit unchanged, Make system regulation more stable.