During the National Day, car rental prices did not increase this year

The National Day holiday is a good time to travel. Many people will choose to rent a car or go to visit relatives. About 10 days away from the 11th Golden Week, the car rental market in Changchun has quietly warmed up. On the 19th, the reporter visited a number of car rental companies in the city and discovered that some of the sought-after models were booked early, and even the phenomenon of “a vehicle is hard to find” emerged. Because the vehicles are in high demand, many car rental companies also set a minimum rental time. However, compared with previous years, today's car rental market has a stable price, and there has been no sudden price increase.

Car rental prices have not risen this year

On the morning of the 19th, the reporter telephoned several rental car companies in the city as the car hirer. The results obtained were not the same: Although the Golden Week was approaching, the number of people going to rent a car was constant and the transaction volume was very large. The price has not grown more than usual.

The reporter learned that the current daily rent for small cars in the city is between 200 yuan and 300 yuan, and that for seven Buick, Hyundai Ruifeng and other commercial vehicles is about 400 yuan per day.

A person in charge of a car rental company, who declined to be named, said that they not only did not increase their prices, but also offered preferential treatment to car hireers in certain aspects. The reporter noted that the amount of kilometers traveled by the rental car companies on the rental vehicles is limited to 300 kilometers or less - if the daily line exceeds the prescribed number of kilometers, an additional fee ranging from 0.8 yuan to 1.5 yuan per kilometer will be charged.

According to the reporter's understanding, the eleven holiday season is the peak of car rental, but this year's car rental business is obviously better than in previous years. The reason why this phenomenon occurs, according to the analysis of the staff of the rental car company, there are two reasons: First, the vacation is relatively long, many people choose to travel far; Second, there are often several family groups to travel.

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