Dongfeng Chaochai launches China's first OHC technology diesel engine

The camshaft mounting position of the engine is available in the following forms: lower, center, and overhead. Due to the high speed of the car engine, the speed per minute can reach more than 5000 rpm. To ensure the efficiency of intake and exhaust, the intake valve and the exhaust valve are upside down, that is, the overhead valve device (OHC). The camshaft is arranged above the engine, shortening the distance between the camshaft and the valve, omitting the valve tappet and tappet of the valve, simplifying the transmission mechanism between the camshaft and the valve, and making the structure of the engine more compact Increases system stiffness. More importantly, this installation method can reduce the quality of the reciprocating motion of the entire system, improve the transmission efficiency, and make the valve timing more accurate. OHC technology can greatly improve engine economy, which has made the engine industry experts have the understanding that "OHC = fuel economy."
The application of OHC technology has revolutionized the internal combustion engine industry. In the field of commercial vehicles, due to the high explosive pressure of diesel engines and high combustion values, OHC technology has many difficulties in application. However, in view of the great improvement of engine comprehensive performance by OHC technology, international truck manufacturers spend huge manpower and material resources to implement OHC technology. Applied to its own high-end commercial vehicle field to further enhance the economy, power and other performance of the vehicle.
OHC technology diesel engine - the best combination of economy and power. On July 1, 2007, the state will fully implement the national 3 emission regulations, and Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other regions have taken the lead in implementation, which prompted domestic diesel engine manufacturers to actively pursue Develop diesel engines that meet new emission regulations. Dongfeng Chaochai 4D series OHC technology diesel engine mainly has two series, the power coverage is 110~125kW, and the current series has reached the national 3 emission standard. However, the biggest advantage of this engine is not only to meet the relevant national emission regulations, but its excellent economy is the most attractive place for this engine. From 2005 to 2006, the engine was equipped with a number of complete vehicles to test the test at the national test site. In the economic test, the load was carried out in three load modes: empty load, full load and multiple load. The comprehensive test, the data from the engine test made the staff who have been testing for many years amazed: the economics of the 4D series OHC technology diesel engine is far superior to the domestic diesel engine of the same power segment.
The new power star Dongfeng Chaochai 4D series OHC technology diesel engine has continued the consistent quality connotation of Dongfeng Chaochai, and still regards the excellent quality as the core competitiveness of the brand. Regardless of the quality of the Dongfeng Chaochai 102 series in the hearts of users, or the development trend of the medium-sized car market, the 4D series OHC diesel engines have broad market prospects.
In terms of brand, Dongfeng Chaochai has become synonymous with “high-quality power”. Dongfeng Chaochai’s classic 102 series diesel engine has a market share of 1.2 million units, making it the user’s favorite light diesel engine. Many users of the Chaos 102 engine will replace the medium truck after using the diesel engine. The preferred power will be the 4D series OHC technology diesel engine. The original bus passengers who are facing the firewood are also looking forward to the introduction of diesel engines equipped with medium-sized passenger cars as soon as possible. In the 2006 “Seeking to get rich” campaign, the bus company leaders who participated in the grassland tour visited the 4D series OHC technology diesel engine and couldn't wait to replace the passenger car engine on the line with the 4D series OHC technology diesel engine. This is the charm of the long-lasting and exuberant diesel engine brand.
In terms of the market, the Dongfeng Chaochai 4D series OHC technology diesel engine was listed at the time and was highly anticipated. First of all, after years of development, China's China Card Market has not yet achieved fundamental changes. However, the international Chinese card market is undergoing tremendous changes. A series of new technologies are applied to diesel engines. The gap with advanced Chinese card technology is obviously unable to meet the needs of the market. The Chinese card market is looking forward to the core strength. The transformation, and Dongfeng Chaochai's 4D series OHC technology diesel engine will be the core strength of this revolutionary movement, which will lead the entire Chinese card market to the international advanced level. After 2005, due to the impact of the national macroeconomic trend, the internal structure of the truck began to adjust, and the China Card City once again shrank into the second round of adjustment period. By 2006, the China Card market continued to adjust, and its market share was also 12.8 in 2005. % dropped to 10.96%. Since the third quarter of 2006, due to the overall strength of the truck market, the China Card market has started to recover steadily, and both production and sales have increased substantially year-on-year or quarter-on-quarter. By the fourth quarter, the China Card market began to rebound slightly. After the whole market of trucks in 2006, the whole line of red, the overall growth of 11.55%, the heavy truck market increased by 21.18%, the China Card market is about to face a new golden growth period, experts expect the 2007 China Card market It is likely to show a pattern of rising oscillations. Occupying the matching pattern of time and place, Dongfeng Chaochai 4D series OHC technology diesel engine was launched in batches in 2007, which will definitely cause a new round of adjustment in the domestic Chinese card market.

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