Does ethanol gasoline not hurt the engine without burning?

Many old drivers think so.

But is this true?

First of all we have to understand, what is ethanol gasoline?


Ethanol Gasoline is a new type of alternative energy source formed from the blending of fuel ethanol and ordinary gasoline processed from grain and plant fibers in a certain proportion (90% of regular gasoline and 10% of fuel ethanol), which can reduce the pollution of the air from automobile exhaust. . At present, China's promotion of the use of ethanol-gasoline groups is concentrated in the north. You can often find gas stations with ethanol-gasoline in Beijing.


If gas stations have ethanol gasoline, they must be clearly identified.

So, does ethanol gasoline have any damage to the engine in the end? Can it really cause serious gum deposits in the valve?

In fact, most of the car's fuel system is mainly suitable for regular gasoline. Therefore, the use of ethanol gasoline in this type of car will reduce the combustion efficiency, affecting the complete combustion of gasoline, so that some parts of the car are colloidal and carbonaceous.


However, this situation will not be too obvious. Under normal circumstances, after the car rotates at a high speed, the combustion efficiency will increase and the carbon deposition will be automatically eliminated. This problem can be solved by regularly cleaning the fuel system.

However, for ordinary drivers, the normal engine speed in urban vehicles is also around 2,000 rpm. There are not many 4,000 rpm. If there is little high-speed driving, will carbon deposits accumulate? possible.


The rumors of the extremely corrosive nature of ethanol gasoline, although unscientific, do have a slight impact. Ethanol and oxygen produce acetic acid on the premise of copper as a catalyst, and the acid is corrosive, although it is not drastic. Not big, but it can't be said no.

Does Ethanol Gasoline Increase Fuel Consumption?

The answer is yes.

The use of ethanol gasoline in automobiles may result in the incomplete combustion of gasoline, which increases fuel consumption. This is why a driver said that "before you can add 1 kilometer of oil, you can run 1,100 kilometers. Now you can only run 950 kilometers because of the use of ethanol gasoline."


Due to the volatile nature of ethanol, which is alcohol, the storage of ethanol fuel is more difficult. Departure from the sealed storage environment of gas station oil storage, its shelf life is only about one month. Moreover, it cannot be in contact with water during production and transportation.

However, from the perspective of the deployment ratio of ethanol gasoline, the difference in fuel consumption will generally not exceed 5%.

Evaporation temperature of ethanol is greater than gasoline, so it affects the formation and combustion rate of the mixture, which affects the power output.


In addition, the calorific value of ethanol is only 60% of gasoline, and the energy density is low, causing an intolerable burn. The most intuitive feeling of the owner is that as soon as the gas pedal goes down, the car has no strength, and it will no matter how hard the accelerator will be. Is the energy consumption of the fuel low?

2020 will fully popularize ethanol gasoline in the country

In September last year, the government said that by 2020, ethanol gasoline will be widely used throughout the country and will gradually replace traditional gasoline in the future.


By 2020, China's biofuel utilization will reach 10 million tons. From a global perspective, more than 40 countries around the world promote the use of biofuels. As for the United States, the consumption of new energy ethanol in the United States in 2016 consumed more than 40 million tons. The consumption of new energy ethanol in China is only 2.6 million, which is relatively slow compared to the United States.

However, I am concerned about the price issue, because the policy I can't control, if you don't use gasoline, you can only use ethanol-gasoline, then the price should not be cheaper? It's renewable, technically difficult, and cheap. It should be.

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