Discussion on the Process Layout of Supply Side of Compressed Air System in Pharmaceutical Enterprises

Jiangzhong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of medicines, health products and foods based on OTC, a proprietary Chinese medicine preparation. The production base of Jiangzhong Medicine Valley has grown and developed in the past ten years, and the scale of production capacity has been continuously expanded. In order to serve large production, the number of compressed air systems is increasing, and the quality requirements of gas sources are constantly improving. At present, the number of compressed air systems put into use in the base has reached 10 sets, including 6 sets of preparation buildings (4 sets of 20m3/min and 2 sets of 18m3/min); 2 sets of liquid preparation workshops + 2 sets of extraction biochemical workshops (2 sets of 7.9m3/ Min) As the production scale of pharmaceutical companies expands year by year, the level and quantity of automation of equipment is rapidly increasing. The air that is compressed by the air compressor to reduce the volume and increase the pressure is called compressed air. According to the characteristics of compressed air, air is compressible, is the second largest power source after power, and is a process gas source with multiple uses. Compared with other energy sources, it has the following distinct features: clear and transparent, easy to transport, and no special harmful properties. The pharmaceutical company is mainly used as a power source to use the pneumatic control valve for extracting the tank, concentrating tank, granulating, coating and post-packaging in the extraction process; as a process gas source, it is used in the solid preparation granulation and coating process atomization, aluminum Plastic blister, dust removal and back blowing; and as a service air source for trial gas, cleaning and many other aspects. In the use of the above-mentioned compressed air, in many cases, the compressed air is in direct contact with the medicine, and therefore, the quality of the compressed air is strictly required in the design of the pharmaceutical factory. The quality of compressed air in pharmaceutical plants is mainly to control its water content, oil content, dust content and biological particles, while also requiring compressed air to be odorless. Compressed air containing oil directly in contact with the drug can contaminate the drug, and compressed air containing liquid water droplets can affect the use.

1 Clean Compressed Air System Main Structure and Function A typical clean compressed air system consists of an air compressor, a gas storage tank, front and rear filters, and a cold dryer. The typical process layout is shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1 Typical process layout The specific functions of each equipment unit are divided into: air compressor is the core, cold dryer is the key, filter and gas storage tank are the main components.

The air compressor is the core equipment of the system to prepare compressed air. The working cycle can be divided into three processes: intake, compression and exhaust. As the rotor rotates, each pair of intermeshing teeth successively complete the same duty cycle.

The gas storage tank is a storage device for compressed air, which functions as a buffer, balance, pre-cooling and storage, but the gas storage tank belongs to a pressure vessel, which increases the safety hazard point.

The freeze dryer is the key equipment of the system, ensuring that the water content and temperature of the system meet the important standards of the standard. However, equipment adjustment and maintenance requirements are high (high failure points), and must be considered in the system design.

The filter device is divided into pre- and post-filters, which mainly play the role of dust removal, degreasing and dewatering, filtration and purification. It is the related equipment to ensure the purification requirements. At the same time, the filter element is required to be replaced regularly, so the maintenance requirements and frequency of failure are compared. low.

2 Classification and evaluation of process layout on the supply side of compressed air system in pharmaceutical enterprises: For power energy management, it is at the forefront. It is determined by the nature of its production. If there is no safety, let's talk about it. *Frequently, the process flow diagram of the gas supply side of the compressed air system of the production of fsli is used. (1) Figure 3 Schematic diagram of the process flow of the air supply side of the compressed air system (2) Air-one Figure 4 compressed air system Schematic diagram of the gas supply side process (3) Power management; without safety, there is no energy supply. The power system must be “everyone must be safe for production and production”.

Economy: In the whole process of production and operation, comprehensive economic accounting is applied to kinetic energy. In the process of kinetic energy production, conversion, transportation and use, it is necessary to conduct strict assessments with various economic indicators, and seek less input and more output. Through technical and economic analysis activities, various technical and economic measures of the power system can be improved and improved.

Reliable: not only in the scope of safety, but also in continuous, uninterrupted, stable and balanced various quality indicators, various powers in the production, conversion, transportation interdependence and other aspects of the reliability requirements. The reliability requirements of the power system, in any case, must be “failed to be reasonable”: not only the content contained in the economic accounting index system, but also the scientific evaluation of the dynamic system in the technical and economic field. Under the overall goal, a comprehensive evaluation and scientific demonstration of kinetic energy work. The specific schemes, such as the table, do not have any kind of layout that has both advantages and disadvantages. The key is to discuss the layout of the compressed air system supply side of the pharmaceutical enterprise. System gas supply side process layout scheme comparison table 琉 § (two) safety 1. The gas storage tank is a pressure vessel, the process layout saves n tanks, increases the safety hazard L no pre-positioner, the safety risk of freezing the afternoon loam The freeze-drying machine in the system has no standby, which guarantees the product has the quality M safety risk. The safety is strong. The reliability of the standby system is short during the practice. The reliability value is not maximized. The reliability of the standby system has obvious blind spots.

1. Spare leg parts; 2. Craft cloth combines equipment characteristics.

The palm of the hand, reasonable t 3. Compared to the system ST reliability coefficient; If the 1. System base capital; 2. No dead points to consider the equipment unit special mining equipment utilization value; the system has the smallest investment in the early stage, but the system exists The risk is the largest 1. Scientific and reasonable control system is expected to invest 2. Ensure the benign operation of the equipment and realize the maximum efficiency of the equipment: the rational use of the equipment is low. The worst inter-productivity product quality has short-board wind-grain interchangeability and is more practical than trade-off. Based on the principle of “safe, reliable, economical and reasonable”, the schematic diagram of the process flow on the gas supply side of the compressed air system (III) is the most ideal. At present, the process layout design of the compressed air system in the liquid preparation workshop of the drug manufacturing base is based on this. Program.

3 Conclusion The excellent products are designed, the excellent products are produced, and the excellent /* products are tested. In the past ten years, learning and understanding in the process of building the valley, especially through the learning, seeing, thinking, doing, and understanding of compressed air, deeply understand that the design, production, and inspection can be imaged as a prenatal period. , production, post-production process, all are very important links. Only the design, production, and inspection can achieve the "three in one", and interaction, complementarity, collaboration, innovation, and common strength, can achieve the goal of excellence. From a macroscopic point of view, it is actually starting from the reality, linking theory with practice, seeking truth from facts, testing truth and developing truth in practice. "This great philosophical reason understands and interprets in the process of mass production and practice.

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