Deep well pump common breakdown and maintenance method

1 diving multi-stage pump common fault and troubleshooting 1.1 no water or start after the flow rate is small After starting the pump rotation, but no water or flow is small, should immediately stop checking, a little longer may cause the rubber bearing burning pump vibration. The main reason is: (1) The pump body is not deep enough in the water or the water level in the well drops too much, and the water inlet exposes the water surface to inhale the air. (2) In the water silt and sundries to the inlet pipe, impeller or the aqueduct flow blockage, must be installed in the pump or well before the debris removed. (3) Loosen the impeller, the shaft or pump shaft rupture caused by the rotation of the impeller does not turn. Such failures are improper assembly of the pump or axial clearance adjustment caused by too much. (4) outlet pipe fracture, tripping, resulting in a large number of leaking, resulting in reduced or no water out of the water. 1.2 difficult to start or unable to start If the brake is closed, the fuse blows immediately or the motor only buzzes and does not turn or turn, and Lai does not reach the rated speed. All belong to the startup fault. Generally have electrical and mechanical reasons: 1.2.1 Electrical: (1) low voltage, the motor starting torque is not enough. The main reason is for Electrical system itself is low voltage, transformer capacity is not enough or too far away from the pump, it may be the supply wire cross section is too small. (2) One phase of the power supply is disconnected or one phase of the fuse is blown, causing the motor to start in two phases. (3) the motor is not steering, should be two of the three FireWire to adjust the connection. 1.2.2 Mechanical aspects: (1) Pre-run without irrigation or pre-run less than the amount of water should be pre-irrigation irrigation. (2) drive shaft and rubber bearings with improper, the gap is too small. (3) Drive shaft bending or impeller axial clearance is not adjusted properly, resulting in friction or stuck, should be repaired or adjusted. (4) there are debris in the pump stuck impeller or pump and grit in the bearing, should be promptly removed. 1.3 deep submersible pump power during operation If you find a sudden change in ammeter or power meter readings on the distribution board, it means that the shaft power of the deep well is increased and the motor is overloaded. Should immediately identify the reasons for handling, try to shorten the motor overload time, so as not to burn the motor. Pump shaft power reasons: (1) impeller axial clearance is too small, the impeller and the aqueduct have mechanical friction, should be shut down to adjust the gap. (2) packing is too tight, should be properly loosen gland nuts; (3) motor bearing damage, should be replaced bearings. (4) large amount of sand in the water, running parts clogged with mud, should be demolition pump wash well. 1.4 deep well pump vibration occurred during operation (1) Vibration may occur at start-up Without pre-wetting or insufficient water supply, immediately stop filling and pre-wetting to avoid dry friction, so as to make the rubber bearing hold the shaft after high temperature. (2) Drive shaft axial clearance is too small, so that the impeller and the aqueduct have mechanical friction and collision, causing vibration, should be immediately shut down for inspection. (3) Drive shaft bending or excessive wear of rubber bearings, loss of support, so that the drive shaft swing, the shaft should be checked and straightened. (4) well pipe is not vertical, the drive shaft and pipe squeeze caused by vibration, should be removed to deep well pump straight well pipe. 2 deep well pump the correct use 2.1 check before starting 2.1.1 Check the dive multi-stage pump steering is correct, all parts of the connection screw is tightened: packing gland tightness is appropriate; electrical wiring, belt drive to meet the requirements; chemical pump anti-back device is safe and reliable; motor bearings, Transmission and pump seat lubrication. 2.1.2 check the centrifugal pump axial clearance is adjusted. Before starting, it is necessary to adjust the axial clearance between the impeller and the blade shell so that the impeller can not meet the performance requirements when it is in friction with the blade shell. Deep well pump adopts adjusting nut to adjust axial clearance. To check the axial clearance adjustment nut on the set screw is tightened, if loose should be tightened immediately. 2.1.3 Check the pre-lubrication of rubber bearings. Because deep well water level. When starting, there will be dry friction between drive shaft and rubber bearing, which will cause vibration and bearing to be burnt down. Therefore, it is necessary to pre-lubricate the rubber bearing of transmission shaft before starting deep-well pump. 2.2 deep well pump start-up, operation and shutdown 2.2.1 start. Start the valve can be opened, deep well pump generally use buck start, press the "start" button, the motor starts at a lower voltage drop. 2.2.2 operation. Deep well pump starts a few seconds to tens of seconds after the pump speed close to normal, you can press the "run" button, the motor immediately run at normal speed, multi-stage pump normal effluent. Should pay attention to observe the ammeter, voltmeter and related instrumentation instructions. At any time pay attention to whether the pump is stable, the water is normal, pay attention to changes in the well water level, regular measurement of static and dynamic water level. Well water level is too low, so that the submerged depth of leaves is not enough, inhaling air, undermine the normal operation of the pump, and even can not pump and wear rubber bearings. Run-time should also pay attention to the amount of sand with water, a large number of mud inhalation by the pump will cause mechanical failure and make the motor overload. Gate valve should be slowly opened, so as not to drastically pumped water, should pay attention to the amount of sand gushing, while opening the gate valve. 2.2.3 downtime. Press the start compensator "stop" button, you can achieve deep well pump downtime. Shut down before shutting down the gate valve on the water pipe, and then cut off the power. After stopping the water in the water pipe did not all flow back to the well, may not restart the pump, so as not to start the power is too large, failure. Generally should be intermittent 10-15 min, to reboot.