· Dalian Bonded Zone Jiaheng Automobile Sales and Service Co., Ltd. recalled some imported Porsche modified cars

Recently, Dalian Bonded Zone Jiaheng Automobile Sales and Service Co., Ltd. filed a recall plan with the AQSIQ. From August 16, 2016, some imported Porsche modified vehicles will be recalled. The production date is from March 10, 2013 to 2015. Month 10th. According to the company's statistics, there are 810 vehicles involved in mainland China.
The circlip on the brake pedal hinge of the vehicle within this recall may be loose. If the circlip is released, the pedal pivot pin may shift, causing the pedal to deviate from the working trajectory, and continued use of the vehicle may cause the pedal shaft to break. In some cases, the driver may not be able to effectively brake with a loose pedal, or even cause an accident, posing a safety hazard.
Dalian Free Trade Zone Jiaheng Automobile Sales and Service Co., Ltd. will entrust an authorized dealer to check the circlip on the pedal bearing for the vehicle within the recall range for free and ensure that it is correct. A new circlip will be installed for the vehicle if necessary. Stock vehicles will be sold after missing defects.
From the date of the official implementation of the recall, Dalian Bonded Zone Jiaheng Automobile Sales and Service Co., Ltd. authorizes all dealers to contact the relevant owner through registered mail, telephone or mail. After receiving the notice, the owner can make an inspection through the appointment to the designated maintenance outlet. . Users can call 4008205911 for details of this recall. Users can also visit the AQSIQ website inspection and supervision department (jyjgs.aqsiq.gov.cn), the AQSIQ Defective Product Management Center website () and the WeChat public account (AQSIQDPAC) to learn more. information. In addition, you can also call the Defective Product Management Center hotline or the local entry-exit inspection and quarantine agency's quality hotline: 12365 (switch No. 2), reflecting the problems in the implementation of the recall or submitting defects.

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