Cylindrical Rubber Fender with Certificate

Structure: Floating
Type: Yokohama-Type, Net-Type, Sling-Type
Service Life: 10-20years
Certification: BV, ISO9001, CCS, ISO17357, ABS, Dnv, Lr
Capability: Water Rubber Hose
Load Capacity: >8000teu
Usage: Trade, Ship Launching, Protection, Ship Docking
Trademark: Star-Marine
HS Code: 40169400

Cylindrical Rubber Fender

Cylindrical rubber fender is commonly used for all applications, bulk cargo berths, fishing and workboat berths, general cargo quays, pontoons and floating structures, roro and ferry terminals, tugboats and havens, etc. It is well capable of absorbing forces and loads and easy to install and maintain.
    1. Economical solution to protect most berthing structures;
    2. Less surface pressure, reasonable energy absorption;
    3. Less reaction force at lower deflection;
    4. Thick wall resists abrasion and wear;
    5. Linear load-deflection curve;
    6. Easy to install and maintain.

Type Outer Dia. (mm) Inner Dia. (mm) Length Rated Compression
150 150 75 All length can be supplied to meet you request. 50%
200 200 100
250 250 125
300 300 150
350 350 175
400 400 200
450 450 225
500 500 250
600 600 300
700 700 350
800 800 400
900 900 450
1000 1000 500
1100 1100 550
1200 1200 600
1300 1300 650
1400 1400 700
1500 1500 750
1600 1600 800
1800 1800 900
2000 2000 1000
Note: different sizes of cylindrical rubber fender can be made according to your request.


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