Credit Welfare Metal Processing Factory Plant Project

Project Name: Credit and Welfare Metal Processing Factory Plant Construction Period: 2011.9-2012.12
Major equipment: cranes, building materials, exterior wall decoration materials, elevators, waterproof materials, paint coatings, valve components, ceramic products, instrumentation, fire fighting systems, pipe fittings, outdoor drainage, construction electrical, lighting fixtures, low voltage electrical appliances, wire and cable , Weakness system, Lightning protection system, Steel structure.
Project Profile: The project is located in Tianjin Xiqing and goes to Zhongbei Industrial Park, west of Tianhe Road and builds an industrial development with a total construction area of ​​34,800 square meters and a total area of ​​58,096 square meters.
The total investment of the project is 70 million.
Construction Unit: Tianjin Reputable Welfare Metal Processing Factory Postal address: Caozhuang, Zhongbei Town, Xiqing District, Tianjin Postcode: 300112
Contact: Xu Shaoguang Telephone
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Gantry cranes are mainly used for handling operation in outdoor goods yards and of stock ground goods and bulk goods. The metal structure resembles a door-shaped frame. The carrier girder is equipped with two legs directly traveling on the ground tracks and outward-extending cantilever beams at its both ends. Gantry cranes feature high space available availability, ample working scope, wide applications, good versatility, etc.

According to its structure, it can be divided to Single Girder Gantry Crane, Truss Gantry Crane , Double Girder Gantry Crane, Semi Gantry Crane, L type Gantry Crane, and Mobile Gantry Crane.

It have three operation modes: ground handle, wireless remote control and cab.

The Loading capacity can be range from 5ton, 10 ton, 10/3.2ton, 16 ton, 32/5ton, 50/10ton, 75/20t, custom requirements are available.

The Span range from 10.5m, 13.5m, 13.5m, 16.5m, 19.5m, 22.5m, 25.5m, 

single girder Gantry Crane   L Type Gantry Crane    semi type  Gantry Crane

MH type Electric Hoist gantry crane    L type gantry crane                MB type gantry crane

Container Gantry Crane

container gantry crane

Me Shipbuilding Gantry CraneMgtype Truss Gantry Crane

ME Shipbuilding gantry crane                       MGtype truss gantry crane

Mg Type Double Girder Gantry Crane

MG type double girder gantry crane

Mg Type Double Girder Gantry Crane With Grab

MG type double girder gantry crane with grab

To custom your gantry crane, please tell us the information as blow:

 1.Which kinds of gantry crane do you need?

2. Lifting capacity?(ton) 

3.Lifting height?(m)


5.Which kind of material does if lift?

6. Working voltage?(V,HZ,Phase)

7. How many hours the crane works one day?

8. Any other requirement do you need?

Gantry Crane

Gantry Crane,Portable Gantry Crane,2 Ton Gantry Crane,Used Gantry Crane

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