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Features of drag chain leacher:

The material in the material bed is divided into several independent units, could effectively prevent various mixed oil fleeing hither and thither on the bed of material, Can guarantee the concentration gradient between each section of spray.

Form soaking zone in each material cell, can obtain better soaking effect.

Chain box is supported by rail, not contact with the screen surface, make the screen surface live longer.

Adopt international advanced hydraulic motor biaxial drive, Balanced force, reliable operation, less maintenance costs.

More suitable for high oil, high degree of powder materials, ordinary oil material leaching effect is better.

Economic and technical index of drag chain leacher(Take an example of 500T/D)

Steam consumption :≤ 280kg/t Material(soybean)

Power Consumption installed capacity: 320KW

Solvent consumption :≤4kg/t Material(6#solvent)

Residual oil of meal: ≤1.0%

 Dregs moisture :12-13% (adjustable)

Solvent content in wet meal ≤500ppm

Urease activity: 0.05-0.25 (Soybean meal)

Leaching crude oil

Total volatiles content: ≤0.30%

Residual solvent content: ≤300ppm

Mechanical impurities: ≤0.20%

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