Copper Tube Fin Self-Contained Condenser Coil Refrigeration Part

Model NO.: ZTFC
Trademark: Zeniya
Specification: customerized
Origin: Taixin City, Jiangsu, China
Advantages of our no frost copper tube hydrophilic aluminum fin`coil heat exchanger evaporator for freezing refrigeration.
1. The fins produced are of very high standard of quality having flare position made of plain, Wave type.
2. The edge of fins can be straight or ripple depending upon application.
3. All the coils are 100% tested for leakages and passed through the heating oven with the air circulation for inside and outside cleaning and charged nitrogen.
4. The mechanical bullet expansion of copper tube to fin ensures efficient heat transfer of condensers and evaporators.
5. The row material of excellence: We source only the best quality raw material from around the world, to manufacture heat exchangers that are of globally acceptable standards.
6. Plain copper pipe of 7mm, 7.94mm, 9.52mm, 12.7mm, 15.88mm, 16mm diameter.
7. Aluminum foil in blue color with hydrophilic and bio(Health) properties.

1. Material: Copper, aluminum, galvanized plate
2. Aluminum foil: Hydrophilic or bare
3. Fin type: Louver fin or flat fin or corrugated fin
4. Copper pipe: Diameter 7mm, 7.94mm, 9.52mm, 12.7mm, 15.88mm, 16mm grooved or smooth tube
5. Pitch of fins can be adjusted between 1.3-8.0mm.
6. Pitch of holes and pitch of rows: see below excel sheet
7. Suitable for Freon refrigerant, hot water, cold water, steam, oil refrigeration medium and so on.
8. Voltage: 220V/1/50Hz and 380V/3/50Hz or other type.
9. Different alternative condensing fans available: Shaded pole or outer rotor fan motor.
10. Did gas examination under 3.0Mpa air pressure to ensure the tightness.
11. Widely used in refrigeration industry, cold room and other cooling system.
12. We can supply products as per customized samples or drawing.
13. Producing procedure: Tube bending, punching fin, expanding, digressing, drying, Welding, leakage test, bending, inspection, packing.Copper Tube Fin Self-Contained Condenser Coil Refrigeration Part
No. Tube Diameter (mm) Pitch of Hole/Row (mm) Fin Style Fin Space (mm)
1 Φ7 21*12.7 Grooved Fin, Plain Fin, Sine Wave Fin 1.4-2.0
2 Φ7 21*18.19 Sine Wave Fin, Bridgewave Fin 1.3-1.9
3 Φ7.94 25.4*15.875 Grooved Fin, Plain Fin, Sine Wave Fin 1.6-6.35
4 Φ9.52 25.4*22 Grooved Fin, Sine Wave Fin 1.6-3.2
5 Φ9.52 25.4*22 Grooved Fin, Plain Fin, Sine Wave Fin 1.4-3.2
6 Φ9.52 25*19 Grooved Fin, Plain Fin, Sine Wave Fin 2.0-3.8
7 Φ9.52 25*21.65 Grooved Fin, V Ripple Fin 1.6-3.2
8 Φ9.52 25*25 Plain Fin 2.0-6.0
9 Φ9.52 25*21.65 Plain Fin 2.0-6.0
10 Φ9.52 25.4*22 Grooved Fin, Plain Fin, Sine Wave Fin 1.6-6.35
11 Φ9.52 31.75*27.5 Grooved Fin, Plain Fin, Sine Wave Fin 1.6-6.35
12 Φ12.7 31.75*27.5 Plain Fin, Sine Wave Fin, V Ripple Fin 1.8-6.0
13 Φ15.88 38*32.9 V Ripple Fin 1.5-4.5
14 Φ16 38*32.9 V Ripple Fin 2.5-6.0
15 Φ16 55*27.5 Plain Fin, Sine Wave Fin 5.0-8.0
Copper Tube Fin Self-Contained Condenser Coil Refrigeration Part
Copper Tube Fin Self-Contained Condenser Coil Refrigeration PartABOUT COMPANY

Zeniya Refrigeration and Air Condition Equipment Co., Ltd is a manufacturer established in 2007.
Plant area 10000m3
Production value USD 4,000,000
Zeniya own testing lab, various CNC machine, and can provide perfect after-sale service.
Zeniya focus on quality improvement and cost control. That's why we were born as marine air conditioner OEM factory and developping into top supplier of marine air conditioner in China. And now we expand our business into air conditioning and refrigeration application in various area such as building, agriculture, commerical, industry etc.  

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