Cooper Tire to open new distribution center in Serbia

According to reports, Cooper Tire & Rubber Company recently announced that it will cooperate with logistics company Milsped to start a distribution center in Serbia.

The new distribution center is located near Milsped’s headquarters in Belgrade, Serbia and is expected to be operational in December 2013. The center will have a maximum inventory capacity of 400,000 tires and will primarily serve the Eastern European and Russian markets. It will also supply the entire European, Middle Eastern and African markets.

The opening of a distribution center in Serbia was the second major investment by Cooper tires in the region. In 2012, the company acquired a tire production plant in Kruševac.

The tire inventory of the new distribution center will mainly come from the Rushvac plant and the Melksham plant in the United Kingdom. It will also store tires from factories in the United States and China that cover the company’s launch in the European market. All categories of tire products.

Cooper Tire said that the opening of a distribution center in Serbia will enable it to provide its customers with a wider range of products. Its distribution and delivery services will also be enhanced, and it will be able to cover 80% of the European mainland market in two days.

The new distribution center will be officially put into operation in December, when Cooper tires will be integrated with their inventory in three warehouses in Belgrade, after which the distribution center will undergo a two- to three-month transition period, and it is expected that by February 2014 Will achieve full load operation.

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