Control valve installation should pay attention to the operation

Control valve installation before the test control valve installed before the performance test should be carried out. From the factory to the installation before the control valve and accessories by the transport, storage and other environments, different environmental conditions make the control valve and accessories performance changes, therefore, the need for pre-installation inspection. In the process of transportation, instrumentation and equipment are subject to random vibration caused by transportation means and various impacts during loading and unloading. In addition, during transportation, ambient temperature, humidity and the like, climate conditions change. Therefore, during the transportation, Performance changes. Instrument equipment in the storage process due to the storage environment, climate, biological and chemical changes in the environmental parameters, which led to changes in instrument performance. Control valve installation should pay attention to the operation of the instrument equipment during installation by the mechanical stress caused by handling or assembly, but also to change the performance of instrumentation, but the installation process is generally short, so the installation environment has little effect. Control valve installation pre-test environmental conditions and other instrumentation test similar to the environmental conditions, control valves pre-installation test site environmental conditions are as follows. a. Temperature: 10 ~ 35 ℃. b. Humidity: relative humidity of air not more than 85%. Has no corrosive gases. d. Good job lighting, clean, quiet, well-lit. e. Should not be vibration, noise, humidity, dust and strong magnetic field to test the place. f. There should be inspection of the power supply, gas source and hydraulic pumps and other testing equipment and water supply and drainage equipment. g. Power Requirements: 50Hz, 220VAC or 48VDCil0%, 24VDCi5%. h Gas source requirements: clean, dry, dew point lower than the minimum ambient temperature of 10 ℃, in line with instrumentation compressed air quality standards, pressure 0.5 ~ 0.7MPa, pressure stability, fluctuations of not more than ± 10% of the rated value. Control valve before installation should pay attention to the operation Control valve pre-installation inspection The control valve pre-installation inspection mainly includes the following: a. Static characteristics of the control valve test; b, air tightness test; c. Sealed test, if necessary, should be re-installed stuffing box; d. Leakage test; e. No-load full-trip time test; f. Insulation performance test; g, compressive strength test. Before the actual installation, the test must have the appearance of the test, compressive strength test, the starting point of the end of the error, dead zone, backlash, the basic error test, leakage test, no-load full trip time test.