Contactless laser three-dimensional foot scanner

The first contactless laser three-dimensional foot scanner developed by Kunshan Duowei Professional Sports Shoes Research and Development Center and Tsinghua University Precision Instrument Department has been completed recently. In the future, it will be connected with CNC shoe last machine to realize foot scan shoes.楦 Design and production integration.

Kunshan Duowei Sporting Goods Co., Ltd. is the largest and most distinctive sports shoe manufacturer in China. It is a professional sports shoe supplier of China Olympic Committee (2001-2004), special shoes of China Athletics Association. Production base, IAAF Regional Development Center, Beijing professional sports shoes supplier. After ten years of hard work, Kunshan Duowei Sporting Goods Co., Ltd. has developed into a variety of sports special shoes, competition suits, sports socks, etc. 60% of the products are used in national teams, provincial and municipal sports teams, colleges and universities. Used in the game.

According to reports, because there are no standards for sports shoes produced in China, they are designed according to the general classification of foot types, thus causing many different foot types of users to choose the same size shoes. Sneakers and other kinds of shoes When the user's foot type deviates from the standard size, it is difficult to find a suitable shoe. There is no automatic means for high-level athletes to "measure the feet".

The footwear industry is in desperate need of fast, accurate and non-contact measurement of foot 3D size equipment. The amount of pressure and pattern generated by the foot varies greatly when participating in different sports, and the design of the sneaker can be based on the characteristics of the athlete's foot type as a function of the load of the foot. The non-contact measuring instrument for measuring the foot load and the three-dimensional shape of the foot under different loads will be used in the design of various special sports shoes, special shoes, high-grade shoes and foot deformity correction shoes, and the development of the size standards for the footwear industry. The fields of general consumer and athlete foot database have been widely used.

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