Construction of military command vehicle

The military command vehicle, as its name suggests, is a car used by the military to command. At the military parade, the car reviewed by the chairman of the military parade was a military command vehicle, and the vehicle the veteran soldier stood for was a military command vehicle. The military command vehicle looks almost like an ordinary car. Its shape is similar to that of a sport utility vehicle. Since it is military-specific, it must be more elaborate and strict in its construction.


On the battlefield, communication command alone is not enough. There is also a need for commanders to command and fight. The military command vehicles have long been used on the borders of the national defense, where the environment is harsh, and long-term wind and rain hits and even natural disasters such as sandstorms. These phenomena tend to cause corrosion and wear on the surface of the car. Therefore, the surface coating of the car should be strengthened during manufacture. Since it is a vehicle that needs to command, communication equipment is definitely better. With the continuous advancement of technology, communication devices are also increasing. How to clarify the connection of devices is also a problem. Equipment used in the military must have a certain level, and the flexibility and practicality of the use of military command vehicles are also required. The military command vehicle must not only be as comfortable as an ordinary car, but more importantly it must constantly reform the parts related to combat.

The weight of military power in a country is more and more important. Military forces in the developed countries such as the United States and Russia rank high in the world. In comparison with China, although military forces gradually developed in the 20th century, with the advancement of technology, the production technology of military equipment has also improved. Military command vehicles are central parts of war drills or actual combat. A combat requires a good command to boost morale and win victory. The use of military command vehicles can be coordinated with the command center to achieve better operational results. The shape of military command vehicles is similar to that of off-road vehicles. Off-road vehicles are people driving to the wild. The car is designed to adapt to rugged roads in the wild. Compared to military vehicles and off-road vehicles, military command vehicles must not only be able to adapt to different road conditions, but all kinds of configurations of the cars are even more important.

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Product Range 

Design Code

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Up to 5 meters

Shell&Head Thk

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Up to 100 tons


Up to 50 meters,with suitable field joints

Oil Storage Tank 3

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