Complete installation of the first 6-row super long arm crane in Hunan Province

Complete installation of the first 6-row super long arm crane in Hunan Province
On August 24th, the first 6-row ultra-long arm door crane in Hunan Province was installed at the Changsha Xingang Jixing Container Terminal, which is expected to be put into operation in October. By then, the 5,000-ton freighter will increase the efficiency of loading and unloading cargo by 4 times.
        Previously, the door cranes of Changsha New Port were only able to load and unload horizontal 4-row standard boxes, while the cargo of 5,000-ton ships often used 5 rows of containers in juxtaposition. This means that after the door crane has loaded and unloaded the four rows of standard boxes, the freighter has to turn around and go back and forth again. It takes nearly one hour for a 5,000-ton freighter to load and unload cargo.
       The newly installed door crane is the first super long arm crane in the river in Hunan. The total investment of Changsha Xingang is nearly 8 million yuan. The Sany Group has been built in 8 months and has a lifting capacity of 45 tons.
       The gantry crane can extend the horizontal six-row standard box of the loading and unloading freighter to the river, which is one row wider than the existing five-row standard freighter. After the production is put into operation, the loading and unloading of cargo of 5,000-ton freighter will not need to be turned around, which can improve the efficiency of loading and unloading by 4 times.

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