Commissioning and acceptance of ball mill

(1) Acceptance

1. Check if the error between the center line of the mill and the foundation is within the specified range;

2. Check if the mill and installation elevation are within the specified range;

3. Whether the equipment foundation has obvious defects and whether the secondary grouting layer is in good condition;

4. Whether the anchor bolts and the cylinder liner bolts are complete and tight everywhere; whether the equipment connecting bolts and the cylinder liner bolts are tight;

5. Whether the protective devices are in good condition;

6. Whether the production water and equipment cooling water are complete without leakage;

7. Whether there are defects in the ore chute and slurry pipeline;

8. The power distribution interlock and operating system are complete and intact;

9. Check whether the side clearance and top clearance of the large and small gears of the transmission are within the specified range, the engagement length should not be less than 50%, and should be in the middle position.

10. Whether the horizontal level of the ball mill main shaft is within the specified range (the front and rear bearing seats, the center distance is 0.1/1000, the axial clearance of the positioning bearing bush, 0.1-0.2/1000), the feeding end of the mill is higher than the discharging end.

(2) Commissioning

1. First check whether the instruments are in good condition, whether the interlock is complete, whether the operation button is intact, and whether the voltage is within the specified range;

2. Check whether the oil level of the hydraulic station is suitable, open the high and low pressure oil pump, whether the oil pressure is within the specified range, whether there is oil in each lubrication point, whether the distribution of the bearing oil is uniform, whether the oil pipe leaks, the cooling water, the cooling water The pressure must be less than the oil pressure 0.1-0.2Mpa, check the cooling water for leakage, prevent mixing of oil and water;

3. After the motor runs for 4-8 hours, everything is normal, ready to run with the mill, check whether the mill is running smoothly, the gear meshes normally, no periodic vibration, the bearing temperature, the motor bearing bush, the motor temperature is normal, the debugging electrical connection Lock the device to see if the electrical protection device is reliable. After 8-24 hours of continuous operation of the mill, everything is normal. The grinding machine is equipped with steel balls. The first time the steel ball is installed, the ball is loaded according to the filling amount of 30-40%. After the ball is loaded, the test must be linked (all processes) The equipment is all turned on. The feeding and feeding amount are designed to be 30-40% of the grinding amount, and the production water is used. After the mill is running for 8 hours, tighten the cylinder again, check the end cap liner bolts and check whether the other bolts and anchor bolts are loose. Then add 30% steel balls and increase the amount of ore at the start. After the mill is operated for one week, the steel ball is added to the design filling amount of 90%.

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