Commercial Vehicles: Unstoppable and More Comfortable Driving Experience

In Europe, light passengers are no longer cold tools but part of their work and life. In China, after more than 20 years of development, China's light passengers are also getting rid of the image of “transportation tools” and entering many fields such as city logistics and business reception. Nanjing Iveco, with its pure European pedigree, embodies the concept of car salvation and is adapting to the increasingly high demand of domestic users.

Car appearance

George Yarrow, the Italian industrial design master and designer of the Iveco DAILY series, once stated that “the taste of the times, the aesthetic vision of the public, and the functional needs of users are always issues that we must consider when designing our products.” Humanity is the direction of the development of lighter passengers. Both are inherently unified. The development of light passengers should not only meet the requirements of the user's aesthetics, but also bring more comfortable driving experience to the user.

Nanjing Iveco Bodi took the lead in achieving “face” in domestic light passenger companies, fully demonstrating the uniqueness of the design of the European light passengers. Its streamlined body is significantly different from most light passenger products, and the slightly exaggerated U-shaped front face is also more atmospheric and bold. However, paying attention to face doesn't mean that it is “fancy”: the streamlined body is used to reduce the drag coefficient to reduce fuel consumption. The “big mouth” U-shaped front face is good for the heat dissipation of the engine compartment. Baodi has already upgraded to the second generation of air cockpits. The concept of design that encompasses the layout of drivers and has a highly human-interactive design expresses the importance and attention of the commercial vehicle driver community.

Car environmental protection

If appearance and interior are "outside beauty", then environmental protection and fuel consumption are the "inner beauty" that light passengers can attract users. Experts pointed out that the key to achieving a vicious circle with low emissions and high fuel consumption lies in the qualitative improvement of engine performance. Like Nanjing Iveco's PowerDaily, it is able to maintain an ultra-low fuel consumption while upgrading the environment. The key lies in the new F1C engine.

According to reports, the F1C engine is based on the Euro IV platform design and has the capability to be upgraded to the Euro V emission standard, with a maximum power of 107 KW. Bosch's second-generation high-pressure common rail system can better control oil combustion, and its fuel consumption is reduced by 10% year-on-year without sacrificing power performance. Makes Boddi in the lowest fuel consumption of any product in any sport. Both the "abatement" and "energy-saving", this problem plagued numerous commercial vehicle companies, solved on Nanjing Iveco Baodi.

Car safety

Even though light passengers are still essentially production tools and have full-time driver's driving, with the diversification of its functions and the challenges of SUVs, MPVs, and other products, light passengers are further moving closer to the cars in terms of safety.

Taking Baodi as an example, the four-wheel disc Brake equipped with Bosch 8.0 ABS+EBD corresponds to Xenon's power, and the braking effect is robust and sensitive. The anti-submarine slippery seat with extremely strong wrapping guarantees the passengers to sit in the mountains when braking or cornering, and does not “lean forward and backward”. Whether you're flying on the highway or walking on a winding mountain path, occupants can feel at ease enjoying the scenery.


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