CNC vertical grinding machine bearing processing software was born in the Wazhou axis

This year, a software called "CNC Vertical Grinder Bearing Processing Software" was born. It optimizes the human-machine dialogue interface, improves work efficiency and product quality, and fills the blank of such software intelligence in China. The developer of this software is Zhong Shuanghong, an electrical worker and senior worker technician of Wazhou Group, and his apprentices.

At Wazhou Group, Zhong Shuanghong's name and technical problems are closely linked. Whenever there is "intractable disease" in the electrical or numerical control system of the machine tool, the first thing people think of is Zhong Shuanghong, and every time he arrives, the problem will be solved. Over the years, he has traveled to every branch and production plant of the Wazhou Group, where he has appeared. He was therefore named "the doctor of foreign equipment."

In the past ten years, he has successively renovated more than 60 sets of equipment, completed more than 210 technological innovation projects, and repaired several units of equipment, saving more than 10 million yuan, reflecting the economic value of production of tens of millions of yuan.

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