Chongqing Yuejin Factory's first 7-cylinder intelligent main engine oil supply unit

Recently, Dalian Haiyue Ship Equipment Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Chongqing Yuejin Factory, produced the first 7-Cylinder intelligent diesel engine oil supply unit and shipped it to Dalian Marine Diesel Engine Factory. This indicates that Dalian Haiyue Company invested by Yuejin Machinery Factory has become a first-class company. The ability of the integrator.

In June 2005, Chongqing Yuejin Machinery Factory invested in the construction of a high-power low-speed diesel engine integrated production enterprise, Dalian Haiyue Company. The installation and commissioning of equipment and facilities was completed in June last year. After more than half a year of development, Haiyue's product range has covered functional parts such as low-speed diesel engine cylinder head assembly, exhaust Valve assembly, fuel and exhaust drive assembly.

At the beginning of the establishment of Dalian Haiyue Subsidiary, Yuejin Factory positioned it to create a “first-class functional department integrated enterprise”. According to this clear positioning, Haiyue Company stands at a higher starting point with modern enterprise operation mechanism, new production organization and excellent equipment and knowledge personnel. The company broke the traditional operation mode of state-owned enterprises, which was controlled by Yuejin Factory and appeared in the form of a limited liability company with multiple investment entities. It adopted a flexible employment mechanism.

Yuejin Factory has provided strong support for Haiyue Company with its resource reserves of talents and technologies accumulated over the years. In the pre-production of Haiyue Company, Yuejin Factory sent experienced engineers and operators to set up a “R&D team” to jointly develop and research projects, which provided Haiyue with rapid production of high-tech functional parts. Strong technical and personnel support. In less than half a year after the production, the first batch of products "6S50MC-G low-speed diesel engine exhaust valve assembly" to "6S60MC-C low-speed diesel engine cylinder head" factory, and then to "7RTflex58T-B intelligent diesel engine oil supply unit" successfully Delivery, all infiltrated the wisdom and efforts of Chongqing Yuejin Factory and Dalian Haiyue employees. Dalian Haiyue Company relies on the general factory and relies on external resources for the operation mode that I use, and provides experience for the rapid development of supporting enterprises.

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