China successfully promoted new AC electric traction shearer

The MG500/1130-WD AC traction shearer developed by Xi'an Coal Mine Machinery Plant has produced more than 50 sets of production and sales. It has been used in Kailuan, Datong, Huainan, Shandong, Heilongjiang, Sichuan, Gansu and Shaanxi coal mines. It was exported to Russia in May 2006.

MG500/1130—WD type AC electric traction shearer adopts multi-motor drive, motor lateral arrangement, no bracket, hydraulic tie rod coupling method; high-power two-stage four planetary wheel rocker arm, planetary reducer; rocker arm body built-in water cooling Main and slave macro control mode, direct torque adjustment mode; 10-inch LCD screen, graphic display; high and low voltage sub-cavity layout and other key technologies. The hardness of cutting rock can reach 10.2 Platts and the climbing angle is 38 degrees. It has wide applicability in the working face with high hardness, multi-fault and complicated geological structure at home and abroad. In the test mining, the model can advance 191.5 meters without interruption, 415 square meters for cutting rock, increase 180,000 tons of coal, and create an output value of 81 million yuan per month.

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