Plastic Granulating Machine Low-speed Granulator
OG-xx xx-LS
1  2 3  4
1  Orste Granulator
2  Width of Cutting Chamber (cm)
3  Length of Cutting Chamber (cm)
4  Motor Power (HP)
   LS: Low-speed type
    For OG-LS series granulators, teeth cutter and cutting blades are integrally fitted in one cutting chamber. Regrinds could be used with virgin materials.New-type inclined teeth cutter reduces the possibility of stress concentration, enhance bearing capacity and converts force direction so that cutter lifespan can be prolonged.The material collector is located outside the cutting chamber to avoid leakage.Optimum cutting angle makes resistance small and avoid blockage to improve cutting efficiency.Optimal design can effectively reduce vibration during operation of granulator.Cutting chamber is made of mirror finished stainless steel, which is durable and elegant.Low speed granulating ensures well-proportioned granules and low dust level.Low speed and sound-proof material hopper brings a quiet operation environment.Easy access to maintenance and cleaning.Small in size with castors for easy moving.
OG-LS series granulators are applied to granulate sprues or few defects. They are always collocated with robots or belt conveyors beside the injection moulding machine. They feature low speed, big driving torque, low noise, few dust and easy operation. 
Model Motor Power Hopper Size (mm) Qty. of Staggered Cutter Qty. of Teeth Cutter Rotating Speed (rpm) Max. Capacity (kg/hr) Dimension L*W*H (mm) Weight (kg)
kw hp
OG-1217-1LS 0.75 1 230*165 1 2 27~35 15 540*320*880 165
OG-2326-2LS 1.5 2 230*255 2 3 20 540*400*900 200
OG-2626-3LS 2.2 3 260*261 2 3 20 540*400*900 220
OG-2636-3LS 2.2 3 260*360 3 4 25 610*500*920 250
OG-2636-5LS 3.75 5 260*360 3 4 25 610*500*920 270
OG-3136-5LS 3.75 5 310*360 3 4 30 610*500*920 300

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Rebar Spiral Bender/Arc Rebar Bending Machine

1. High steel material, long service life.

2. Easy to operation, easy to use, high efficiency.

3. Calcium-based grease lubrication, filling convenience 

Rebar Spiral Bender-Arc Rebar Bending Machine

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Rotation Speed


L * W * H


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