China has become the world’s largest country in nuclear power construction

Zhang Guobao, deputy director of the National Development and Reform Commission and director of the National Energy Administration, said on the 20th that Unit 1 of Lingao Nuclear Power Station Phase II project has been put into operation smoothly, ending the situation in which nuclear power generation has been stagnant for several consecutive years, and that there will be a certain amount each year in the future. The nuclear power plant is put into commercial operation, and the 40 million kilowatts of the planning target set by the national long-term nuclear power development plan is expected to be achieved four to five years ahead of time.

Zhang Guobao stated at the high-level forum for nuclear power development that in recent years, China’s nuclear power industry has shown a good momentum of development and the pace of development has gradually accelerated. Up to now, the State Council has approved 34 nuclear power generating units with an installed capacity of 36.92 million kilowatts, including 25 units under construction and 27.73 million kilowatts, which is the world’s largest nuclear power company.

“It is particularly necessary to mention that Unit 1 of Lingao Nuclear Power Station Phase II project was put into operation smoothly and that Phase 3 Unit of Qinshan Phase II Expansion Project was successfully connected to the grid once, indicating that China’s nuclear power is gradually entering the harvest season.” said Zhang Guobao.

At the same time, Zhang Guobao pointed out that China's current nuclear power development is also facing some problems. We must resolutely prevent the “overheated” trend in the development of nuclear power. At present, many regions and enterprises in China have high enthusiasm for the development of nuclear power. Problems such as staking sites, buying up nuclear power equipment, and carrying out preparatory work sooner or later are more prominent. Changes in time will greatly interfere with the nation’s overall deployment of nuclear power development and leave hidden dangers for the healthy development of nuclear power.

In addition, the seriousness of nuclear power planning must be emphasized. Projects that are not included in the plan cannot be carried out without authorization. The projects listed in the plan must also be carried out in an orderly manner and in an orderly manner.

Zhang Ping, director of the National Development and Reform Commission, said on the 20th that with the commissioning of Unit 1 of Guangdong Lingao Nuclear Power Station Phase II project, China’s power installation capacity has exceeded 900 million kilowatts, indicating that China’s power industry has stepped onto a new level.

"China's electric power industry has gone through a healthy development path from small to large and from weak to strong," said Zhang Ping at the Lingao Australia Nuclear Power Station Phase II Project Unit 1 Production Commemoration Meeting and Nuclear Power Development Summit Forum. At the beginning of the founding of New China, China's power installation capacity was 1.85 million kilowatts, which exceeded 100 million kilowatts in 1987. From 2005 exceeded 500 million kilowatts to 900 million kilowatts in 2010, it took only less than five years in our country.

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