China auto parts need display platform

In recent years, China's auto parts companies have repeatedly been treated unfairly in foreign countries. There are US tire special security cases before and now there are European and American upcoming tax standards for tire production in China, and even China’s aluminum alloy wheels with independent ownership advantages. All must be suppressed by the European Union. All these highlight the disadvantages of China's auto parts companies in the world.

Nowadays, the status of the Chinese automobile industry in the world is no longer comparable. In 2009, China surpassed the United States as the world's largest automotive market, but we must admit that behind becoming the world's number one, China's auto parts industry remains weak, and the ability to independently innovate key parts and components needs to be improved. In addition, a large number of automotive electronics circles have noticed that there are currently very few parts and components exchange platforms that rival the well-known foreign ones. This is inconsistent with the status of the world’s largest auto market.

When China’s auto parts companies encountered unfair treatment in Brazil, when Chinese auto parts always encountered anti-dumping investigations abroad, when Chinese auto parts companies were struggling to find foreign partners, the Ministry of Commerce was considering, Why not build an independent international exchange platform? Based on this idea, the expo held in China will provide a good display platform for Chinese auto parts companies to allow Chinese-made parts and components to go global.

China's auto industry has grown up in an open environment, as has the auto parts industry. For auto parts companies, international exchanges and cooperation must be conducted in order to promote the Chinese auto parts products in the well-known and technical double harvest. Enterprises can exchange and cooperate with each other and learn from each other. While demonstrating their own strength, they can find gaps with their foreign counterparts and transform them into the driving force for independent innovation.

The reality has determined that we need a platform that can reach out to international advanced technology and products, international buyers and investors without going abroad. "China needs the world and the world needs China." This sentence may be the best comment on the development of Chinese auto parts.

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