China's level instrument product growth status

China's level instrument level gauge, liquid level transmission, capacitance level gauge, level switch and other product development status and market trends! The high-end contemporary new instrument level gauges are imported in addition to the night, especially for the level instruments used by companies other than night-type companies. They are imported instrumentation capacitance level gauges, and even pressure-type or differential-pressure type ultrasonic capacitance level gauges are imported. Or joint venture pressure or Drucker differential pressure transmitter. Therefore, the level meters that rely on the ground and the production of high-end ancestors are still the key to the market level instrument market. Capacitance-type liquid level meter above explained in detail the various level instrument market trend level gauge.

Level switch is the amount of night low value goods, there are liquid level switch and level switch points. At present, the leading product of the liquid level switch is still a float type liquid level switch, and the liquid level meter is followed by a tuning fork type and a capacitive liquid level switch. The trend of the level switch will not change very much in the future for quite a long time. However, with the improvement of the enterprise's management level, it is not only asking the instrument itself to have a low price, but also requesting a simple arrangement, high reliability, and a small amount of asylum. Therefore, the market share of RF admittance (capacitive) and ultrasonic level switches will continue to grow. Because of the simple installation of capacitive level gauge radio frequency admittance level switch, no moving parts, high reliability, small amount of training, and better than the float switch in terms of pressure and corrosion resistance. The ultrasonic level switch belongs to the no-snap type measurement, and its superiority is obvious. As its own production price keeps falling, it will also occupy a considerable share of the market.

The level switch of the solid level switch is currently the main resistance type, followed by the tuning fork and capacitance. However, due to the constant change of the rotary level switch, the reliability is low. Therefore, for the same source, the market share of RF admittance and ultrasonic level switch will be higher than the daily rate. In particular, the RF admittance level switch is the best type for measuring solid materials at this stage.

During the production process, the detection of the level of various tower kettle tank level switches is still based on the pressure transmitter and Drucker differential pressure transmitter. This is in addition to its own cost-effectiveness and certain advantages, there are other customary headings for planning and manipulation. Followed by magnetic float, buoy, liquid level transmission ultrasonic level gauge also has a considerable amount of manipulation. With the development of technology, the use of magnetostrictive, ultrasonic, and radiofrequency admittance ultrasonic level gauges will increase rapidly, and the proportion of pressure (differential pressure) ultrasonic level gauges will decrease. In accordance with the different media and field conditions, various ultrasound level gauges will show their advantages and will form a diversified venue.

Tank storage tanks are very delicate due to their large capacity. They require high accuracy of ultrasonic level gauges. In the past, many float steel-belt ultrasonic level gauges were used in addition to the night. Servo and static pressure systems also had certain amount of control. However, both the float steel belt type and the servo type static pressure type ultrasonic liquid level gauge are not the best methods for measuring the liquid level of the tank in the tank area. The float-belt ultrasonic level gauge is complex to install and has low reliability; the hydrostatic ultrasonic level gauge is greatly affected by the medium density and temperature. To eliminate these effects, a Druck pressure transmitter has perfect static pressure. The price of the measurement system is also high; the precision of the servo-type ultrasonic liquid level gauge is high, but due to its organic mechanism, it does not prevent the wearing of the title, and the cost is also high. Since the 1990s, radar ultrasonic liquid level gauges have entered the market. Due to their high precision, high reliability, and easy handling, the amount of malic acid in the tank area has increased, becoming the preferred instrument for liquid level in the tank area in the last decade. . In recent years, magnetostrictive ultrasonic level gauges have risen rapidly. Due to their high accuracy, high stability, high reliability, and long lifespan, they are more suitable for the tank level measurement in tanks. The amount of maneuvering is bound to increase, and will gradually increase with radar. Ultrasonic liquid level meter evenly divided. The optical fiber ultrasonic liquid level gauge can realize on-site powerless detection, and its safety is good. This is its outstanding advantage. The disadvantage is that there are still many machine transmission components, the impediment rate will increase, and the installation will be more complicated. Ultrasonic level gauges are slightly less accurate, but their placement is simple and affordable, so it will also have a place in the tank area.

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