China's first high barrier property nano-new packaging film production line put into operation

Recently, the first high-barrier nano-new packaging film production line in China was officially put into production in Hangzhou Huayi Plastic Co., Ltd. District leaders Hong Hangyong, Shen Benxin, Wang Zhuyu, Jiang Jinliang, Wo Yuexing, Wang Baizhen and Zhang Longsheng attended the ceremony.

Jiang Jinliang said at the ceremony that the high-barrier nano-new packaging film production line was put into operation, marking a new step in the plastic products industry in our region in the high-tech and intelligentization of production equipment, technology and technology. There is another advanced model of industrial high-tech. With the advancement of science and technology and technological innovation, the application of plastics has become more and more extensive. Xiaoshan enterprises have seized this opportunity and participated extensively in various fields of plastic machinery, plastic molds, plastic additives and plastic products, and achieved remarkable benefits. As one of the leading companies in the domestic film field, Huayi Plastics invested 180 million yuan in this year, introducing the new packaging material production line project for the first time in China, which not only injected new vitality into the development of the former industrial industry, but also accelerated industrial clustering for Xiaoshan South. Accelerating economic development has made a model and an example. It is a major "bright spot" for the two activities of "project investment year" and "quality improvement year" in our district.

It is understood that Hangzhou Xiaoshan Huayi Plastic Co., Ltd. was established in 2000. The high-barrier nano-film production line technical transformation project introduced from Germany and the United Kingdom is a key industrial enterprise technological transformation project in Hangzhou.

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